Shoppers blast temporary staircases at Sydney Westfield

Shoppers have branded the temporary metal staircases that have appeared at busy Westfield shopping center as “horrendous” and a “headache” for wheelchair and pushchair users.

The temporary staircases, which are still under construction, are being installed at Westfield Eastgardens in Sydney’s south-east, while the center will replace the six existing walkways in the coming months.

Photos shared with a community Facebook group show metal staircases and construction scaffolding connecting levels throughout the centre.

“To inform the community, travelers at Westfield Eastgardens from Ground Floor, Level 1 (Nike) all the way up to Level 2 (Hoyts) will be replaced with new travelers and in the meantime the temporary stairs will be in use until the new ones are repaired,” it says in the publication.

“The stairs aren’t finished yet.”

Shoppers can also use three sets of elevators to access the retail and parking levels and escalators located in the middle of the center while the travel stations are under construction.

The photos sparked mixed reactions online, with many criticizing the design choice due to accessibility issues.

“This is going to be shocking.. especially with prams,” one person wrote.

“Such a pain…can’t wait for Eastgardens to be redeveloped. The place needs a complete renovation!” said another.

“What a terrible idea. Some bright spark decided to prevent the easy movement of carts between floors. It will be a disaster when people are waiting 20 minutes to get in the elevator.”

“Standing in line for the elevators behind 100 other carts will be fun.”

Some suggested that the travaltors could be replaced one at a time rather than all at once.

“Then I won’t go there for a while. He will lose so many customers,” added another.

Other travelers, despite the temporary inconvenience, were in urgent need of reassurance.

“Everyone always cries when they’re out of service, but now Westfield is replacing them with new travelers and people are still crying!” one person wrote.

“It’s going to be a big inconvenience, but… How else are they going to fix the problem? I’m guilty of complaining about them breaking all the time, so now they do something about it. Be content,” said another.

A spokesperson for Westfield Eastgardens told that au signage and additional team members will be at the customer support centre.

“At Westfield Eastgardens, we are carrying out passenger interchange works on Levels 1-4 of the west end of the center which will take place over the coming months,” it said in a statement.

“Meanwhile, staircases will be installed to allow customers to travel between floors 1-3.
All other escalators and elevators remain in use.”

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