‘Surprising’ $10 Kmart item Aussies love

Aussies have discovered a $10 Kmart item that comes in handy for air travel.

Also available at Target, the “Universal In-Flight Phone Holder” is being touted as an affordable solution when trying to watch movies on your phone during a flight.

Customers visited Kmart’s reviews section to rave about the product, with one woman admitting she was “pleasantly surprised at how good it was.”

“It attaches to the back of the seat in front of you and you can adjust the angle,” she wrote in her review alongside the photo.

“Sturdy and didn’t fall off, great for watching movies so I didn’t have to hold the phone and look down!”

The holder is approximately 9.5 cm long and fits most phones, with or without the included case. It also has 360-degree adjustable rotation, with a clamp opening of up to 4 cm.

One customer tried it on a Jetstar flight and also raved about it.

“Does everything you need and more (sic),” they wrote, awarding it five stars.

“Tested on a Jetstar B787, worked great (despite the in-flight entertainment screen).”

Another customer said it’s a must have, especially when traveling by plane.

“Nice little gadget, very flexible to fit the seat,” wrote one person.

“I used this on my last interstate trip. It’s better to hold the phone and your wrist hurts! I like. Easy to use,” read another review.

A Kmart spokesperson said the in-flight phone holder has been in stores for almost a year and is “super popular” with customers.

“We love to see how the product translates into people’s lives. Our customers are always finding new ways to make their flights and journeys more comfortable,” a spokesperson told news.com.au.

Hacking into a phone holder while traveling on an airplane

“We are constantly reviewing and updating our travel offer to keep up with customer demand and ensure we continue to offer our customers the best accessories to make their travel experience enjoyable.

Our customers can continue to expect trendy, must-have items in our stores.”

If you’re without a carrier in the meantime, TikTok is awash with alternative ways to watch movies on your phone in-flight.

The most popular is to use a piece of paper or a hospital bag.

The trick, described as the “ultimate plane hack”, was shared by many TikTok users, including ‘hack queen’ Anita Birges.

“This flying tip will completely change the way you travel. The last time I did it during the flight, I looked over and everyone in line started doing it too.”

In the video, Anita showed what to do on a Jetstar flight.

She explained that when you’re sitting down, grab the hospital bag, take off the phone case and place the bottom of the bag inside the phone case.

“Put your phone back in the case, wedge the paper bag between the phone and the case,” she continued.

“Place about half of the hospital bag on the end of the tray and hold it carefully as you fold the tray back.

“Secure the tray with a slide screw and you’re done! Kick back and enjoy.”

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