Taylor Swift stops tour performance to help distressed fan

Taylor Swift is popular just about everywhere – but she’s certainly earned herself some goodwill from the people of Edinburgh.

During a recent concert on the international leg of her acclaimed Eras Tour, Swift suddenly stopped singing when she saw something disturbing in the crowd.

During the acoustic portion of her set, where she surprises her fans with secret songs that aren’t regularly played during the concert, Swift stalled in her performance Would, could, shouldafter noticing a fan in distress.

A video on social media shows Swift seamlessly transitioning from lyrics to pleas for help while still humming the chords of her song. “Help right in front of me, please, right in front of me. I’m going to keep playing until we see where he is.”

Taylor Swift refuses to continue singing until a fan helps

“Right, right there,” she said, pointing her guitar toward an area in the crowd. “I’m going to keep playing until someone helps them, and then I’m going to keep singing,” she said in a staccato-like tone.

“I don’t think anyone has gotten to them yet and they will because we’re not going to keep singing, we’re just going to keep talking about people who need help before me.

“Just tell me when – I could do this all night,” she joked to the crowd.

Moments later, Swift said, “Okay, are you okay? Awesome!” before falling back into the bridge.

This isn’t the first time Swift has backed out of a show for the benefit of fans.

During a performance at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia last May, Swift’s lively concert was interrupted by an offstage commotion.

While performing her hit song Bad blood, Swift was heard yelling at the unidentified person, “It’s okay. She didn’t do anything!” As the song moves into the chorus, Swift becomes more agitated and yells, “Hey! Stop!”

The 14-time Grammy winner said one last “Stop” before strutting across the stage and continuing her set. She never addressed the incident, although a video of the controversial moment went viral on social media.

Fans immediately defended Swift, explaining that she yelled at the security guard to protect her fans.

Security is a priority for Swift.

In November, she postponed one of her shows in Argentina due to bad weather, although she has been known to perform in torrential downpours.

Later that month, she sadly announced that a young fan had died before one of her concerts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She postponed her performance the following evening due to extreme heat.

Swift’s next stop on her Eras Tour will be in Liverpool on Thursday.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and has been reproduced with permission

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