Bacchus Marsh Grammar: 50 female students targeted in AI fake nude scandal

An elite school is facing scandal after explicit images of female students circulated online, leading to the arrest of a teenager.

Police are investigating after dozens of girls at Bacchus Marsh Grammar, north-west of Melbourne, reported fake nude AI images created and shared on social media.

Up to 50 students in grades 9-12 were affected by the graphic images, which were shared on Instagram and Snapchat.

The school confirmed on Tuesday that the girls’ faces were used to create the nude images.

A teenager was arrested over the incident but Victoria Police confirmed he had been released pending further enquiries.

“Officers were told that on Friday, June 7, a number of images were sent to a person in the Melton area via an online platform,” police said in a statement. “Police have arrested a teenager in connection with explicit images circulating online. He has been released pending further investigation.”

Police are continuing to investigate the incident, while school principal Andrew Neal said the faces of the girls involved were taken from social media before they were manipulated.

He described the incident as “obscene”.

“It’s horrible. It’s something that hits the heart of college students, especially girls growing up at that age,” Mr. Neal said, according to ABC.

“We should be able to learn and do our jobs without this kind of nonsense.”

Mr Neal said the school was currently working with the police to have the images removed.

They are also working to find the person responsible for posting the images.

Mr Neal said while it is believed the person responsible may be at the school, police are not ruling out other possibilities.

Police confirmed that the investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

The school was first made aware of the images on Monday and said it was taking the matter “very seriously”.

“The welfare of our students and their families is paramount,” the school said in a statement.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar is providing support to the affected pupils and their families, with Mr Neal saying the incident was not a reflection of the school community.

He said the behavior needed to be dealt with “as forcefully as possible”.

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