Coles unsalted peanuts: Supermarket slammed over peanuts packed in Vietnam instead of Australia

Coles shoppers have slammed the supermarket giant for ditching popular products grown in Australia with an imported variety packed in Vietnam.

Home brand Coles unsalted peanuts packets once proudly boasted that the nuts were grown in Australia and roasted in sunny Queensland.

“You can’t go wrong with Australia’s favorite snack,” the packaging read.

“A product of Australia.”

But all that was removed to advise consumers that it was a “mass popular” product is now “packaged in Vietnam”.

Shoppers were quick to notice the change and expressed their disappointment on social media with one consumer saying the packaging was “deliberately made to look as much like an Australian product as possible.”

“It’s also not clear – it just says ‘packaged in Vietnam’ – are the peanuts grown and roasted there? Or are they from elsewhere? We don’t know because it doesn’t say,” wrote one user.

Another person said they live near the groundnut growing district in Kingaroy, Queensland, and there is no way they would eat imported groundnuts.

“Our local industry employs hundreds of people. People, buy Kingaroy peanuts,” they said.

“I’m not near Kingaroy, but I’m in Queensland and I’m loyal to Queensland peanuts.”

Another customer commented that she bought Coles peanuts because they had a dark roasted flavor but noticed they were out of stock recently.

“Now they’re back (and) they taste the same as every other brand. That must be the reason,” they said.

“Exactly – the peanuts grown in Queensland were bloody great. We are similarly disappointed with our household as they have disappeared,” one person responded.

“That’s how I noticed that they were imported when the taste of nuts from the new packaging was not there.

“An immediate inspection of the package confirmed my suspicion. I know it’s wasteful, but I had to throw the rest away. Doing so was as disgusting as Coles’ bait and switch. They only reinforced the distrust I have for them.”

A Coles spokesperson said they were proud to offer Australia’s largest own-brand range across price points and were seeing value-conscious customers switch to own-brand alternatives across categories.

“When sourcing Coles own-brand unsalted peanuts, we assess a variety of factors including shape, degree of roast, flavor and crunch,” the spokesperson said.

“The change in procurement was due to improved quality and is part of our commitment to providing our customers with excellent quality products.”

The National Agricultural Federation has been contacted for comment.

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