Dog runs 6km to find help after owner drives over cliff in US

Talk about man’s best friend.

A loyal pooch ran four miles (6.4km) through the wilderness in Oregon, US, to find help for his injured owner, who spent the night after driving off a steep cliff into a ravine. New York Post reports.

Brandon Garrett’s dog arrived at a Baker County campground around 9:30 a.m. Monday to alert his worried family to trouble, the county sheriff said.

A search party was immediately launched and his truck was found lying on its side at the edge of a stream a few hundred meters away from a roadside cliff.

Another of Mr. Garrett’s four dogs was standing over the truck, officials said.

Since the family could not get to the accident site on their own, they called the rescue team.

“Sheriff Ash arrived and found the vehicle and dog in a steep, brushy ravine. While looking for an access point to the creek, he heard a subject yelling for help,” the Baker County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mr Garrett managed to crawl a hundred yards (90 metres) away from the vehicle after he failed to “take a curve, causing the vehicle to tumble down an embankment”, officials said.

Too injured to climb the steep cliff on his own, Garrett was forced to spend the night in the bushes of a hairy ravine, waiting for his faithful furry friend to find help.

Rescue crews used a “highline rope system” to carry Mr Garrett to safety from the ravine before he was loaded into a helicopter and rushed to a local hospital.

His medical condition was not available, but officials confirmed that all four of his dogs survived the horrific event.

This article was originally published in the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission.

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