Ashy Bines announces ‘shock’ closure of activewear brand Baseline

Ashy Bines has announced the shock closure of her fitness brand just months after revealing her “scary” health battle.

The 35-year-old fitness influencer said it was time to shut down Baseline by Ashy Bines, a “premium” activewear line that launched in January 2020, after suffering a brain aneurysm in March.

Bines’ condition, caused by an abnormal swelling or bulge in the wall of a blood vessel, left her temporarily blind in one eye, prompting the mother-of-two to use the “wild” experience to reassess her life.

Ashy Bines reveals she is shutting down her brand Baseline

“The last few months have been a rough ride and a health scare has forced me to reassess everything, but I’m so grateful because I’ve learned so much about myself, the business, what I enjoy, my strengths and weaknesses, and overall what value in my life,” she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.

“These past months have mainly taught me what I want more and what I want less, and when it’s time to let go and step into the next season.

“Closing [Baseline] and part of me is definitely sad and will miss aspects of this wonderful brand, but I know ALL this is the right choice for my health, well-being and next chapter.”

Bines also revealed that she will have brain surgery in the coming weeks following recent advice from doctors.

“Now that I’m pre-op (just a few weeks away), it’s full,” she said.

“It was definitely a difficult decision, but also a very easy one, when you know what you value, you HAVE to respect it and go in the direction that is right for you.”

The Gold Coast influencer, who has just under a million Instagram followers, previously explained her decision to go under the knife after doctors initially advised the aneurysm was “unlikely” to rupture due to its size.

“I KNOW I’m going to be OK BUT this is definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through and will ever go through,” she said last month.

“How LUCKY I am that he was found and I can go to surgery, some people like my uncle and grandma didn’t get that chance and left us too soon.”

Her post titled “the end of an era” received a huge backlash from fans, with many saying they were “devastated” by the announcement.

“I am in shock. He did NOT expect this! Your child! Obviously it’s the right decision as health and family are more important, but I’m surprised,” one replied.

“You’ve built something so amazing…So excited for all the epic things you’re doing going forward and to be by your side in this next chapter,” replied another.

As one wrote: “Ohh ash, sending huge hugs but also really devastated. I have never worn such comfortable shorts or sports bras, and the stability in my chest is much better than anything else.”

Some found some good news in the news as they shared their joy at purchasing Baseline products at deeply discounted prices as a result of the surprise stock sale.

“What sad news, but my bank balance is thrilled, I’ve just bought 17 products,” one declared.

“Thank you for including more sizes I love all my pieces and I’m sad but understand I’m going to buy them now before they’re gone,” added another.

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