All Infant Milestones And How To Get Them

With the introduction of Milestones in The Sims 4, your Sims have a new way to achieve their goals and reflect on their lives. Perhaps the period of life with the most impactful milestones is infancy – each milestone will not only mark the moment they learned a new skill or met a new friend, but will allow them to grab, dance and smile.

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There are five categories of baby milestones: first, fine motor, gross motor, life and social. Each category is specific to your baby’s behavior and he will slowly reach his milestones by exploring on his own or with your help. Some milestones are sequential within their categories, so you must complete them in order.



5 first (care)

A Sim from The Sims 4 is feeding a baby Sim in a high chair.  Text from Baby's First Food Milestone is covered

The first milestone that every baby will reach is actually in the category of life, and the only landmark there: born, or Born in a hospital if you have the Get to Work package. While it is certainly the first, it is monumental enough to stand apart. The first category, on the other hand, is the category of baby milestones that are entirely up to you. You can achieve them in any order, depending on what you bring into your baby’s world. Milestones as The first bath, the first bubble bath, the first blowout of diapers, and Peed on Caregier you will easily achieve while caring for your child.

Some milestones, e.g First Finger Food and First food for babies, will depend on the gross motor milestones your baby has reached ie. from the ability to sit in a high chair. The Slept all night milestone is every Sim parent’s dream, and it will be easier if you happen to have a baby with calm traits.

4 First (Social)

A Sim from The Sims 4 holding a baby Sim in front of the house.  The text from the milestone First visit to a family member's home is covered

The other half of the first milestones have more to do with the social interactions your baby will begin to experience. If the neighbors visit you to meet your baby, they will reach out First visitors milestone. If the visitors are family, such as grandparents, they will be treated to something more special First family visit milestone. Even babies can reach First visit to a family member’s home, either with you or, if you need some time alone, alone.

First trip to the park and First vacation are achieved when your baby travels to a new place for the first time. And of course one of the most exciting milestones in a baby’s life: The first word. This can only be achieved when your baby has passed a number of social category milestones, especially when he unlocks the babble of social interaction.

3 Nice engine

A baby Sim from The Sims 4 playing with toys.  The text from the Pincer Grasp Learned milestone is overlaid

Most milestones in the fine motor category will be reached by your baby as he explores the world around him. First, your baby will finish Learned to achievethen Learned to grab. You can easily reach these milestones by having your baby lie on the play mat. While you might not want to just leave your baby alone, these aren’t milestones your Sim can really help them reach. Be sure to pay attention to your baby’s whims as well, as these can help or discourage him from reaching milestones on his own.

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Learned to wave and He learned to clap you can also complete it on the play mat or have your baby learn to clap or wave by interacting with other Sims. Toe in mouth you can complete it wherever your baby is lying, probably on the play mat or in their crib at night. The last milestone in the category of fine motor skills is Learned how to hold pliers, allows your baby to carefully hold objects. This will allow your little sim to play with all the toys found in the toy box.

2 Gross Motor

A baby Sim from The Sims 4 that rises to stand up with the couch.  The text from the Pulled to Stand milestone is overlaid

Similar to fine motor skills, gross motor milestones are best achieved by your baby exploring, using a play mat, or having tummy time with you. First, your baby will finish Head held high, Rolled on his back, then Rolled over on his stomach. It is best to help your baby with these first basic steps. Soon they will have Learned to crawl and Learned to sit it allows them to move and sit in a highchair on their own.

Pulled into state it’s easier with your help, but you may find that your baby braves the couch to get up. Once they achieve this, your young Sim will break the move and they will He learned to dance. They still won’t be able to walk on their own until they’re toddlers, but when they finally will He learned to crawl, they will move through the house.

1 Socially

A Sim from The Sims 4 holding a smiling baby Sim.  Text from the First Smile milestone is covered

Unlike the social milestones in the early category, these milestones reflect how your baby is learning to interact with others. The first smile is easily achieved for babies with a sunny trait or by interacting with the baby when he is in a happy mood. Learned to swing, Learned to laugh, Learned to kiss and He learned to babble they are similar; make sure you talk to your baby as much as possible to help him achieve this.

Milestones as Learned Peek-a-Boo, and He learned to blow into a raspberry they reflect the special interactions you may have with your baby. The more you do this, the sooner they will notice and imitate your behavior. Clearing these milestones is easy if you have a large household for your baby to interact with. Before you know it, your baby will be laughing and babbling around the whole household.

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