Genshin Impact TCG: Best Team Compositions

If your friends were holding back their Abyss runs, it’s because they couldn’t lay down their cards on the Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG. This feature of the game is not competitive with rankings, even if you can fight with friends and random travelers. Regardless, this shouldn’t stop you from putting together amazing team compositions that will help you beat the game’s content like a pro.

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From the best healing team to the best electric charge team, great compositions make playing Invokation an enjoyable experience. Playing the TCG will make you realize the importance of elemental reactions to increase your damage output. With that said, here are the best team compositions in the TCG that will make even Cyno admit it.

Updated June 1, 2023 by Vanessa Esguerra: Since you’re still looking for teams in Genshin’s TCG, we’ve decided to add some brand new combos, like a strong starter and an all-around team, while also updating some of the older ones here, like the best freeze and melt teams. . We hope you find your ideal card decks here.



13 The best starting team

Raiden Shogun, Kokomi, Venti Deck from Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG

Team: Kokomi, Venti, Raiden Shogun

You have limited invites so if you are new to the game you should get characters that have a lot of versatility. You must also select characters whose elements you do not already have in your deck. This electrifying team is beginner friendly and will help you understand how the elements are used in this card game. Kokomi will provide consistent healing and can trigger an electric charge reaction, Venti can spin hydro or electro on your enemies with her burst, and Raiden Shogun is good for extra damage and energizes everyone for a point.

If you’re wondering why you should get Venti if you already have Sucrose, it has to do with his ability to stuff items into his burst which deals latent damage at the end of the turn, which is something special about his gameplay.

12 The best all-around team

Childe International Deck in Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG

Team: Xiangling, Tartaglia, Bennett

If you think Childe International only works in Spiral Abyss, this set proves that these three are meant to be teammates in the card game as well. It wouldn’t be a problem to keep Xiangling’s and Bennett’s bursts going if you have an Emblem of Severed Fate equipment card in your deck to help trigger more vaporization reactions. Bennett becomes an effective healer on this team and will keep your teammates alive long enough without compromising your damage output.

You might think that Ayato is a good replacement for Childe in this deck, but Childe does more damage, especially when he’s in his melee stance during his burst. His riptide status also deals piercing damage to affected characters, which can eat away at your opponent’s health.

11 The best treatment team

Genshin Impact TCG Barbara Diluc and Jean Best Healing Team

Team: Barbara, Diluc, Jean

This team can also be called “The Best Sibling Team”, where Jean and Barbara are present. Everyone knows the pain of fighting a team full of healers, and this team is the epitome of doubling down on difficulty.

With this team, Barbara can provide ultimate healing to all of your characters with her elemental skill, reducing the damage dealt to your characters. Jean can provide a whirlwind with her skill and is known to force the opponent’s characters to switch after using her skill. Jean’s burst will also restore everyone’s health with her Dandelion Breeze burst for two HP. Diluc is in this team for dealing merciless damage with a vaporization reaction.

10 The best Vaporize team

Genshin Impact TCG Bennett Yoimiya and Xingqiu Best Vaporize Team

Team: Bennett, Yoimiya, Xingqiu

The rotation of this team plays out much like it does in actual combat in Genshin Impact. Yoimiya’s skill deals pyrotechnic damage, so Xingqiu’s rain swords can vaporize her attack. This deadly combo can instantly kill one of your opponent’s characters.

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If the opponent’s character does not survive Yoimiya’s normal pyro attack, Xingqiu’s rain swords will deal hydro damage to the next character the opponent switches with. Bennett gives your team a pyro resonance that increases your damage. It also provides healing and damage enhancement with its burst.

9 Freeze’s best team

Freeze teams up with Xiao, Kokomi, and Ganyu in the Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG

Team: Xiao, Kokomi, Ganyu

Freezing is an unfortunate reaction because it forces your opponents to switch out of their active character. Bless everyone whose entire team has been frozen in one round and is forced to end their round. If you’ve ever wanted Ganyu and Xiao to be on the same team in overworld, you’d know that this isn’t the most practical team composition.

But in the TCG version, Xiao and Ganyu would have great synergy because they are both from Liyue. Certain equipment cards encourage two characters from the same nation to be in the same deck. In this case, Stone and Contracts give an extra three all-elemental dice, which is great for dice-hungry characters like Ganyu. But aside from the national synergy, these characters are great for vortex reactions, which would make the freeze reaction easier to execute.

8 The best Melt team

Team Melt with Ayaka, Bennett and Nahida from the Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG

Team: Ayaka, Bennett, Nahida

Freezing is great, but melting also does a lot of damage. It’s even bigger if two characters can enhance your already strong character. Ayak’s burst does a lot of damage on its own, but it also summons Frostflake, which deals four damage per final round.

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Bennett is on the healing team and will increase Ayaka’s damage with his burst. Nahida can help keep the fire burning with a burn reaction that can use pyrotechnics at the end of the round.

7 The best geo team

Geo Team Deck with Noelle, Kokomi and Zhongli from the Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG

Team: Noelle, Bennett, Zhongli

Almost any team with Noelle is amazing, but in the TCG she pairs well with other geo characters. God Gaea himself is the best teammate for her, offering extra protection as well as a lot of damage with his skill and burst. He’s especially useful for petrifying the map with his burst, so think freeze except in geo format.

Kokomi is your best slot healer and will be great for crystallized reactions that give you extra shields. This team is hard to fight and literally hard to beat.

6 The best pyro team

Xiangling, Nahida, and Zhongli Deck from Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG

Team: Xiangling, Nahida, Zhongli

If burning is your preferred reaction, this team is capable of sustaining the reaction while protecting you well from enemy attacks. Xiangling and Nahida have good synergy together as Nahida’s normal attacks use dendro unconditionally. Xiangling will be responsible for taking out the damage from the pyrotechnics, while Nahida will be the one to keep it burning for the following rounds.

Zhongli is an excellent option not only for national synergy with Xiangling, but also for additional protection with protection. It can also trigger crystallization to help keep your team’s shields up.

5 The best Quicken team

Team Cyno, Collei, and Bennett Quicken in the Genshin Impact: Genius Invocation TCG

Team: Cyno, Collei, Bennett

With Engulfing Lightning and Emblem of Severed Fate in this deck, Cyno becomes a spreader. Collei can be your dendro applicator on and off the field, with his skill and burst. Cyno will be the one to trigger the aggravation with his skill and could deal more damage with his burst.

Bennett will be a healer as well as a damage buffer on this team. But from time to time it can also trigger an overload reaction that forces character cards to switch (assuming it doesn’t kill the character receiving the reaction).

4 The best team with an electric charge

Genshin Impact TCG Xingqiu Keqing and Jean Best Electro-Charged Team

Team: Xingqiu, Keqing, Jean

The electric charge is annoying as it can deal one damage to your opponent’s standby characters. When Xingqiu’s burst is actively using hydro, Jean can spin hydro onto the opponent’s other cards, forcing them to switch to the next active character.

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Keqing can launch an electric charge with his electric attack, dealing damage to the target character and other standby opponent characters. This team is good at using elements, both Xingqiu and Jean are present. Keqing will be responsible for destroying most of the other team’s cards with electro damage and infusion.

3 Hardest team to read

Genshin Impact TCG Beidou Maguu Kenki and Jean A difficult team to read

Team: Beidou, Maguu Kenki, Jean

Two anema characters in a TCG is not overkill, especially with Maguu Kenki and Jean on the team. Maguu Kenki deals a staggering four anema damage even without other elements involved, but deals additional damage when the vortex is activated.

In addition to being an incredible whirlwind team, it is also the hardest team to read in the game. The moves of these three characters are hard to predict, as your opponent wouldn’t know if they would be forced to switch characters, if they would take damage, or if they would be imbued with any element at all.

2 Best All-Summons Team

Genshin Impact TCG Xiangling Collei and Fischl Best Summons Team

Team: Xiangling, Collei, Fischl

Never underestimate a team capable of unleashing an unholy amount of summons. Who knew that Guoba, Oz and Cullein-Anbar would be best friends in unleashing a flurry of elemental reactions? If you’re unlucky and forget to pack your Summon Destroyer card, this trio will use dendro, electro, and pyro at the end of the round, triggering a number of reactions that will be hard to get rid of.

If your opponent survives the summon, they will have Xiangling’s Pyronade and Fischl’s Burst together. Think of it as an international TCG team, with each character card from a different region, but with incredible synergy on the field.

1 The best Burst team

Genshin Impact TCG Xiangling Cyno and Bennett Best Burst Team

Team: Xiangling, Cyno, Bennett

Each character in this set has one thing in common – their bursts charge quickly, allowing you to play in a quick-change mode. With Pyro Resonance giving our team an extra Pyro Reaction damage bonus and Bennett giving us extra damage buffs, it becomes easy for Cyno to deal more damage with her skill and burst.

It also helps that Cyno isn’t the only one dealing burst damage, as Xiangling’s pyronado itself deals two pyrodamage that carries over to the next character you switch to.

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