How To Find The Korok Mask In Tears Of The Kingdom

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  • Finding the Forest Coliseum
  • Defeat The Black Hinox

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm saw several pieces of armor returning from Breath of the Wild. Many of these returned pieces work similarly but have different methods of acquisition. One piece in particular is the Korok Mask, which helps you find the Korok a bit easier.

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If you’re on a mission to find every Korok seed in Hyrule, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll look at how you can get your very own Korok Mask to make your Korok hunt a little smoother. Before getting this mask, you must first dive deep and do a little research.


Entering the depths

tears of the kingdom Minshi Woods Chasm shown on the map near minshi woods

It’s a Korok mask found in the depths, beneath the forest of Great Hyrule. On the surface, there is only one way through this area, and that applies to the location in the Depths. Instead of being able to approach from any side, you will enter from the southeast corner.

If you want to get here, we suggest you go through Minshi Woods Chasm. It’s direct north of the Woodland Stable, found northeast of Hyrule Castle. A chasm appears on the side of the road leading to Great Hyrule Forest; just scroll down and you’ll be in the depths.

Finding the Forest Coliseum

tears kingdom forest colosseum on the map

Once you get to the depths, it’s your destination go to a forest area that looks a bit like an island in the depths. From where you fell through the Abyss, head northwest.

Here you will find Coconut Lightroot near the large pillar. If you climb through this pillar, you will be right in front of the Deku tree in the forest. For now, continue northwest.

tears of the kingdom link forest colosseum entry

You will soon reach Ramobnukas Lightroot, but we only have a few more to go. Again, head northwest until a massive stone structure appears. That is Forest Coliseumwhere Korok’s mask awaits.

Defeat The Black Hinox

tears of the twilight realm black hinox charge towards the link in the forest colosseum

Now take your first steps into the Forest Coliseum. Inside, you’ll find some suspicious bananas leading to the center. Not surprisingly, this is the trap of the Yiga clan. Two members of the Yiga clan will appear when you grab the middle banana and releases Black Hinox.

Black Hinox will then appear in the Colosseum and the doors will close, preventing you from escaping. Fortunately Black Hinox is relatively easy to use. With a stock of arrows you can shoot Hinox in the eye, causing him to stagger. When this happens, just run and attack.

It’s Gloom Black Hinox, which means the attacks will temporarily break your heart. If you are not sure about the fight, we suggest using the sunshade to prepare dishes that heal twilight damage.

If targeting is difficult, we recommend using a few Keese Eyeballs attached to your arrows. These give your arrows the ability to grind, making it easy to hit the Hinox directly in the eye. Furthermore all the sages you called will fight for you, which can be very useful. With Riju’s help, you can too electrify the battlefield and destroy Black Hinox.

the tears of the korok kingdom mask that appear after opening the chest

After you defeat the Black Hinox, he will drop some materials and the wall will reveal a chest. This chest contains the item you were looking for; open it, grab Korok’s mask and get out of there!

Using the Korok mask

link of tears of the realm wearing the mask of korok in the armor menu

Although it looks a bit silly, the Korok mask has a few functions. When equipped, the mask will start shaking if you are near Korok. The mask only has one defense, so it’s best used in safe situations when you’re hunting Korok.

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