Which Class Should You Play In Diablo 4?

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  • Are the classes gender locked?

Diablo 4 has five confirmed game classes: Barbarian, Rogue, Necromancer, Sorceress and Druid. New classes may be added later in future seasons, but for now these are all the playable classes in the game.

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For the purposes of this guide, however, we’ll only cover these five. We’ll be looking at playstyles and playthroughs to give you an idea of ​​what class you might want to pick and play for the game’s launch.

Barbarian Overview

Diablo 4 (13)

The Barbarian is a Diablo classic and an archetype familiar to every ARPG fan: heavy weapons, mob resistance, and great axes. Barbarians create Rage which is their main class resource – this is generated by dealing damage.


In Diablo 4, the Barbarian is a unique selling point The Arsenal system. This allows Barbaro to switch between a variety of different weapons depending on which skill was just used, with each skill corresponding to one specific weapon. This allows for both Close and Ranked playing. Some of the early buildings we saw include a A vortex Barbarin and Hammer of the Ancients a barbarian.

A barbarian can have four weapons in his arsenal at once. This means you can get the most out of the entire Barbarian weapon list at once.



  • Tanky style of playhuge damage reduction
  • He’s a bit of a slow starter, not finding his full power until he reaches full build
  • Lots of movement enthusiastsgreat for quick clear campaign time
  • Some of Barbara’s abilities have long cooldowns
  • Specialized in high damage and AoE removal, very satisfying explosions of groups of enemies

Play Barbarian if you don’t mind a slightly slower start to your character, but you’re ultimately looking for a large AoE and satisfying distance from waves.

Rogue Overview

Diablo 4 Rogue class character looking at the camera

Rogue is another classic class archetype. In Diablo 4, Rogue will be able to rotate through a skill set that uses both ranged and melee weapons at the same time – similar to Barbarian’s Arsenal ability.

Rogues generate energy while out of battle or through them Basic skill and other generators. Any active ability requires energy to use.

This class is also a master of mobility, with abilities that allow the character to change position during combat. You’ll be able to customize your Rogue experience by choosing one of three paths: Take advantage of weakness, combo points and shadow realm.



  • Extremely agile and fast, with multiple movement abilities, e.g Dash and Shadowstep
  • Probably the most technically “involved” character that can make a more challenging playstyle that depends on position and they don’t die
  • Can play very effective ranged or close range builds
  • Rogues are much more squashed than other classes
  • High single target damage, great for elites and bosses
  • A successful Rogue will need to perfect their skill rotation and combo times to maximize damage
  • It can deal a bunch of CC to enemies, from Vulnerable, to slow, to DoT poisons

You must play Rogue if you like a tech character that has the potential to solo powerful bosses very quickly.

Necromancer Review

Diablo 4 (17)

Necromancer looks awesome (no bias here) and is currently one of the most popular pre-release classes. This is thanks to his unique design and the fact that he has his own special weapon, Scythe.

Like Necromancers in other games, this class can raise fallen enemies from the dead to fight for their cause. According to early previews, the Necromancer’s playstyle is divided into four different choices: Darkness, bone, blood and army.

These paths influence the playstyle of the class, from specifically raising enemies to fight, to using the Necromancer’s mana-like Essence resource, or taking the fight directly to the enemy with damage-dealing abilities.



  • Really fun calling mechanics & Blood bullets which will help you restore your health
  • Slow start, may feel weak at first
  • There is a lot of CC available, especially as you expand your build
  • Effective use of skills can be difficult, especially since you’re not always sure where the bodies are on your screen – they’re literally so hard to spot
  • With Blood Orb durability and shields, he can turn into a late game tank
  • Very dependent on the construction, on the object

Necromancer is still one of the most interesting classes with great versatility and fun damage; play Necromancer to summon ghouls and make things explode.

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Witch Review

Diablo 4 (14)

The Sorceress is your classic mage class in Diablo 4. Fitting this archetype, a Sorceress can be described as glass cannon – which basically means you’ll deal a lot of damage, but you’ll also be squashed and susceptible to getting blown up in a few hits.

The sorceress relies on a combination of elemental magic damage to deal with enemies. The class can wind up Fire, lightning and cold abilities, each with their own playstyles.

In addition to spells and abilities, the Enchantress also has a unique enchantment system that allows for further customization – you can make some skills passive and enhance others depending on what you choose for your build.



  • Surprisingly good movement skills, a fast class to play
  • Lots of chain damage and huge AoE – very satisfying gameplay
  • Mana will always be a problem, especially early on
  • Can generate defensive stats with skills and healing ability relevant to “Health Damage”
  • A really solo class like v doesn’t do much for their party in terms of buffs or abilities

The Sorcerer/Sorceress build is fast, fun, and great for the mostly solo player looking to clear dungeons quickly. Also plenty of versatile damage for everything the game throws at you, leading to a fun variety of builds as well.

Druid Overview

Diablo 4 (16)

Druid is another brawler that can transform into different animals: werewolf and werewolf.

During transformation, different abilities apply and can be moved around the battlefield depending on the player.

The Druid also has access to his own form of magic, being able to use powerful earth forces to crush enemies. This looks like one of the most fun classes to play in Diablo 4.



  • A very fun and versatile playstyle, mainly due to the transformation that provides unique ways to play Druid builds
  • Not the best leveling experience overall – Druid is a bit slow to start
  • Lots of fun damage (physical, poison, lightning) that can be fired in large bursts
  • Squishy in human form
  • Pretty thin in transformation mode

Play Druid if you’re looking for a versatile class with literal physical transformations.

Are the classes gender locked?

Diablo 4 (10)-1

No, you can play as a female/male Barbarian if you choose. The same goes for all other classes in the game.

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