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Farlight 84based on futuristic technology taking action Battle Royaleshe posted Farlight 84 Creator Zone, which aims to encourage game content creators. Designed specifically to engage the community of creative individuals, this program aims to showcase their innovative talents in Farlight 84. To apply and become an official creator, you need to consider some important information that we will discuss in this Article.

Farlight 84 Creator Zone Overview and Requirements

Aimed at creators to distribute in-game content with benefits more often, the Creator Zone earns the player the opportunity to earn tempting in-game rewards through Creator Tasks. The Creator Zone must meet a few requirements before players/creators can apply for the program.

The requirements are given as follows:

  • The player applying must have at least channel z 2,000 followers. It can be on any platform among the given three: YouTube, Twitch, or Tik Tok (if you choose English language).
  • Before applying, the creator must upload at least two contents related to Farlight 84 inside last 30 days.

Once players have completed these requirements, they can simply head over to the official Creator Zone website. If a player has not yet reached the 2000 fan milestone, they can join the Farlight Rising Creators community via Discord.

How to apply for the Farlight 84 Creator Zone

Farlight 84 creator app
Image via Farlight

There are two steps to complete, creating an account and registering as a creator. Once you confirm that you meet the requirements, you must continue with the application process.

1. Creating an account

Follow the steps below to create your account.

  • Go to the Creator Zone website here.
  • Since you are creating a new account, click on apply.
  • Select the operating language. To upload content to Englishselect English.
  • Check the boxes for requests. If you meet the requirements listed there, please complete the alternate link provided here.
  • The next step will involve creating your account. Provide the necessary requested information and then click submit code to receive confirmation.
  • Use the code to log into your account. This is how your account is created.

2. Registration as a creator

To get your content creator account working, you need to follow a few steps to activate it.

  • After signing up, you will need to fill out registration form.
  • As a first step, select a dashboard clip from your YouTube channel to verify that you are on YouTube.
  • The next steps include your preferences regarding the type of content and the game in which you want to create content. Choose accordingly.
  • Get on your game UID details next to the username.
  • Fill in your personal information and enter your Discord ID if you have one.
  • Click Submit to end the process.

If you create content on Facebook, you can go to this page and fill out the form.

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