Where To Find Jhinga In Final Fantasy XIV

Oceans Final Fantasy 14 they are filled with hundreds of fish to catch. With each new update, more fish seem to find their way into the waters of Eorzea, Thavnair, and the lands beyond. One of these fish is the Jhinga, an elusive shell that is difficult to hook.

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Jhinga are used in two useful crafting recipes and can be sold for a few gil in the market. However, Jhinga are difficult to find due to their limited spawning grounds, so below is everything you need to know about catching one, including where to find them and the best bait to use.

How to catch a Jhinga

thavnair coast at sunset

Jhinga can only be found in Thavnair (X:6.5, Y:11.8)right on the coast north of the Great part. Jhinga is available at at any time of the day honey any weatherbut you will need Tomes of ichthyological folklore – Ilsabard and Severna Prazna unlocked before it appears.


If you don’t have Ilsabard and Northern Empty Folklore unlocked, you won’t find Jhinga.

Jhinga can be found by using A strip of mackerel or A versatile lure for bait, but Mackerel Strip will give better results due to the smaller number of fish that can be obtained with it in this area. Mackerel Strip can be bought for five Purple Gatherers’ Scrips per piece from any dealer dealing in Scrips.

Be sure to equip at least level 90 equipment before setting the bar in Thavnair.

Once you have some bait and go to the right spot, cast your line and wait for a single exclamation point (!) bite. If one! the bite appears after 18 seconds, Jhinga is guaranteed. At this point reel in to catch a fish or use a treble hook to bring in three.

Although mackerel strips are much more common, Jhinga is it may take a few tries to wind one. Be patient and soon you will find Jhinga at the end of your string.

What to use Jhinga for

FF14 Culinary Guide 2

There are two recipes that you can make that use Jhinga as the main ingredient Jhinga Biryani and Jhinga Curry. Recipes for each can be found below.




Jhinga Biryani (x3)

  • 3 Fire cluster
  • 3 Water cluster
  • 1 Jhinga
  • 2 Oil button
  • 1 North sea salt
  • 2 Rice bomb
  • 1 Thavnairian pepper
  • 1 Earthbreak Aethersand

CP +21% (Max 69) Control +4% (Max 72)

Jhinga Curry (x3)

  • 3 Fire cluster
  • 3 Water cluster
  • 1 Jhinga
  • 2 coconut milk
  • 1 oil button
  • 2 Blood tomatoes
  • 1 old nutmeg seeds
  • 1 Earthbreak Aethersand

Collecting +6% (max 109) GP +4% (max 25)

Jhinga can also be sold for a a few thousand gil on the market board, making them a great way to earn some extra cash once you get the hang of catching them.

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