Is Zelda The Light Dragon In Tears Of The Kingdom?

One of the biggest mysteries of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the appearance of the fourth dragon – a white dragon with a golden mane that flies around the regions of Hyrule. You will first see the Light Dragon after completing Great Sky Islands and sending the Master Sword back in time to Princess Zelda.

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It appears from the cloud barrier below the islands and disperses the clouds, allowing Link to jump to the surface of Hyrule. From this point on, the Light Dragon is a constant figure in the sky alongside Dinraal, Faroš and Naydra. Before the dragon’s identity is revealed, there are hints that highlight its importance to the game’s story.


Spoiler alert for Tears of the Kingdom

Origin of the Light Dragon

A light dragon that flies in the tears of the realm

At the beginning of Tears of the Realm, Link and Zelda encounter a skeletal corpse – Ganondorf – with a disembodied hand holding him in place. As Link and Zelda approach Ganondorf, a disembodied hand falls and a teardrop rock falls towards Zelda. Zelda picks up the stone and it begins emit golden lightcausing Ganondorf’s reaction.

When Ganondorf uses his powers to raise Hyrule Castle, Zelda begins to fall into the abyss. Even though it’s out of Link’s reach, it is saved the stone she picked up earlierwho is sending it back in time. A similar spell later allows Link to send the broken Master Sword back in time to Zelda.

Zelda in the glow of the Secret Stone while falling in Tears of the Realm

In the past, Zelda discovers that she is a stone a secret stone that can enhance someone’s innate gifts. He also learns about a a forbidden act called draconificationwhere one can become immortal dragon by swallowing their secret stone. The result of the process is a person they lose their previous memories and sense of self.

I can’t find another solution to reach the future and give Link the master sword, Zelda swallows her mysterious stone and becomes a light dragon.

Why does Zelda decide to become a dragon?

the legend of zelda tears of the realm zelda holds the master sword in the memory of dragon tears the master sword in time

In possession of the broken master sword, Zelda begins to think ways to restore his power and return to Link.

She reflects on her conversation with the Deku Tree before visiting the underworld of Hyrule Castle, where he tells her that he will be a sword master “continue to gain strength if bathed in holy power.” Knowing this, Zelda plans to imbues the master sword with enough power to fell the Demon King.

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This process would it takes hundreds of years to become effectivewhich gives Zelda he has no choice but to unnaturally extend his lifespan and become an immortal light dragon. The Immortality of the Light Dragon would ensure that Link can reunite with the Master Swordwhich is securely entangled in her hair.

Although Zelda must sacrifice her creature in doing so, It allows Link to potentially defeat the Demon Kingwhich the Sages have failed to do in the past.

Did Zelda lose all her memories as a dragon?

Tears of the Bright Dragon fall in Tears of the Realm

When Zelda decides to draconify, she talks to Mineru, who warns her that the process would mean “roll away.” Becoming an immortal dragon is supposed to mean lose all sense of self, including her memoirs. This was confirmed by Zelda herself in the scene after the check-out show, where she tells Riu that she is “doesn’t actually remember” flying through the skies of Hyrule like a dragon.

Although the process of draconification causes a person to lose most of the traits that make them who they are, some personal aspects remain. If you take a picture of the Bright Dragon with your camera, says its description in the Hyrule Compendium his presence is “kind of comforting,” which reflects the close relationship between Link and Zelda.

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Some clues suggest that Zelda still has it some memories in her subconscious as a dragon. After transforming into a light dragon, tears fall from her eyesmost likely he mourns a life he cannot return to.

During Link’s final confrontation with Ganondorf as a dragon, Light Dragon instinctively helps Link, catch it if it starts to fall. Even as a dragon, Zelda still feels a sense of duty to defeat Ganondorf and save Hyrule with Link’s help.

Does Zelda turn human again?

Princess Zelda, Link, Purah and Riju in the Temple of Time

While Mineru tells Zelda that the act of draconification is irreversible, she can he becomes human again after Link defeats Ganondorf. Rauru and Sonia’s ghost appear, placing their hands on Link’s. It seems so increase the strength of your hand Zonai. In combination with Rauru’s light power and Sonia’s time powerthat bathes the light dragon in golden light, this turns her back into a Hylian.

It is necessary to enormous power to reverse the act of draconificationonly with Link, Rauru and Sonia’s powers used together be able to make it happen.

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