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As expected Mobile Legends The M5 World Championship is coming soon. MOONTON Games is holding a contest for interested participants who can create a very cool and fascinating summon effect for the upcoming M5 tournament. Players must also remember that it is M5 skin theme hero it is Yu Zhong, as he was voted the most in the M5 hero Polls. Therefore, in anticipation of the upcoming Mobile Legends M5 tournament event, a recall effect is required leading up to the entire Creation Contest.

Moonton also stated that the winner of the design competition will be rewarded with cash prizes and many other prizes, making it a very worthwhile challenge for artists and players with a good design intellect. So without further ado, let’s take a look at more information about the M5 Creation Contest

Mobile Legends M5 Recall Effect Contest: Schedule

Mobile Legends M5 recall effect competition
Image via MOONTON Games

For interested players or participants who intend to use their valuable creative intellect to create a cool design. Below are the timelines showing when the event will take place:

Application submission

Interested entrants intending to design M5 Recall Effects may continue to submit their entries, provided that the entries are on “M Championship“. Submission of the application would take from from 1 to 10 June 2023.

Shortlist Review Period

At this stage of the competition, only entries that meet the requirements of the judging criteria and rules are considered qualified. Socially Media voting period This part of the creation contest would run from From June 11 to July 18, 2023.

Social media voting period

At this stage of the competition, all players can vote for their preferred entry through the official Mobile Legends social media handles, it is also stated that each person has one vote, so multiple voting by one individual not allowed. What’s more, the top 10 voted entries would then be reviewed by Moonton’s official team for design concept, overall performance and feasibility of execution. The top 2 of the 10 optimal entries would then be introduced to the in-game voting period, while the

  • the creators of the other 8 contributions would receive the title An outstanding artist. This phase would take place from July 19 to July 26, 2023
  • In-game voting period: This stage of the competition would allow for an in-game vote for the top 2 selected designs. The creator of the winning entry would receive the title The best designwhile the second-place female creators would be awarded the title An epic creator. This phase would take place from 4 From September to September 10, 2023.
  • Publication of results: This phase would reveal the winner of the Recall Effect Design contest to all players and the result would be posted on September 11, 2023.

How to enter the M5 recall effect design contest

Interested players who intend to participate in M5 Recall Effect Design Competition you should follow the following steps:

  • Interested players should download the official template it provides MLBB official team at this link to continue their creative designs.
  • Players would then submit their works and registration information through this link.

Mobile Legends M5 Recall Effect Design Contest: Prizes

Mobile Legends M5 recall effect competition
Image via MOONTON Games

Moonton would be giving out amazing prizes to players whose entries make it to the top 10. Prizes include:

  • The best design (1 Winner): The player with the winning entry would be declared the The best design and would receive the following prizes:
    • $500 cash prize
    • “Legendary Creator” avatar border.
    • M Championship Prime Skin (1 of 2) which should be either Beatrix or Roger Prime skin.
  • An epic creator (1 Winner): The runner-up/runner-up player would be declared the An epic creator and would receive the following prizes:
    • 5000 diamonds
    • “Extraordinary Creator” avatar border.
    • The effect of the recall of the M championship (1 of 4) which should be 1 of both M2/M3/M4 or M Recall Effect
  • Outstanding artists (8 winners): The 8 entries that did not make it to the final voting stage will be declared yes Outstanding artists and would receive the following prizes:
    • 500 diamonds
    • “Extraordinary Creator” avatar border.

Mobile Legends M5 recall effect creation contest: review criteria

Review criteria
Image via MOONTON Games

The various entries would be reviewed from multiple angles and perspectives regarding design concept, color concept, compatibility with the game, overall performance and feasibility of realization. Below are the review criteria that participants should consider while designing M5 RECALL EFFECT.

Entry composition

The M5 recall effect should have three parts – bottom patterns, top/background decorations, and animation effects. Players should also note that submissions must include the keyframes of the animation effect. The participants should too footnote that the submission of the first frame and the final frame of the effect of the recall is not mandatory.

Instructions for the patterns below

The recall effect sample below should be Theme of the championship M. It can also be an opaque or transparent graphic. Participants should also know that the shape is not limited to circular. However, it must be coordinated with other decorative patterns and effects.

Instructions for top/background decorations

Since the decorative part is the primary part of the recall effect, the designer must maintain enough space in the middle area of ​​the recall effect for the hero’s recall action and avoid any line of sight blockage. The decoration can be a background image displayed on either side of the hero. It can also appear on top of a hero that is about 1.5 times the size of the model.

Instructions for animation effects

Animation effects are another decorative part of the summon effect. Moonton recommends participants use multiple illustrations or a concise illustration to show the entire animation process so that the Dev team can understand in detail what the animation is for.

Design elements

  • Color tone: Participants should note that the dominant color of the M championship must be gold, other colors are only auxiliary or decorative and therefore must not have a large part in the design.
  • The text: Participants should note that the text “M5” must be incorporated into the design.

M5 recall effect competition: Rules

Mobile Legends M5 recall effect competition
Image via MOONTON Games

For interested participants, below are lists of rules and guidelines to follow when developing an interest in participating in this contest.

  • Each ID in the game can submit any number of entries. However, prizes cannot be stacked and a player can only receive one prize, whichever is higher. All rewards will also be issued before October 2023. Therefore, entrants must be actual players in the game.
  • All dates/times mentioned in the event are based on UTC-8.
  • Entries must contain key animation thumbnails for the designed callback effects. Also, the submission of the first and final frames of the recall effect is not mandatory. As the Devs have also prepared a designed template for interested participants. Participants are therefore expected to design their work using an appropriate template, while submitting their contributions through the official MLBB collection channel.
  • Participants are also advised to be careful when entering personal data. This personal information would serve as the sole channel for contact or prize distribution.

The developers also expect participants to promise that their works are:

  • Original works created by the Creator that do not infringe any legal rights and interests of any third party (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, name rights, ownership rights, etc.).
  • Published for the first time and has not been published on any other platform or is not legally ineligible to be published on the Moonton platform due to breach of contract with a third party.
  • It is not created or generated by AI
  • No content that may violate local laws, regulations, customs, social morals, etc. the place where the Entry Creator is located.
  • No content that is violent, pornographic, gory, defamatory, suggestive or derisive;
  • Free of any content that discriminates against any race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, etc.
  • Free of any content that may violate the official image of Moonton or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
    • Should any of the aforementioned content be found/reported prior to the end of the ethe event, such entries would be deemed invalid; if such content is found/reported after the end of the event, Moonton reserves all rights to enforce all legal obligations of the participants. For example, rewards issued will be revoked.
    • Participants must not violate the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Moonton and avoid any actions that may violate the official /–0 no book of Moonton or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, etc.
    • Entrants acknowledge that they understand and agree: by uploading a Contribution, Entrants agree to transfer all intellectual property rights, other than attribution rights, to Moonton without compensation. Moonton has the right to exercise the intellectual property of the Works in any way or to authorize any third party to make any use of the Work without any prior consultation or consent of the Participant. See Derivative Content Policy for details.
    • Moonton Games reserves all rights to the interpretation of this event and related events.

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