Every Faction In Company Of Heroes 3, Ranked

A big name in real-time strategy games, Company Of Heroes 3 takes you back to the chaotic battlefields of World War 2 as the commander of an elite fighting force. There are a handful of different factions fighting in North Africa and the Mediterranean, so it’s going to be a tough fight from start to finish.

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There are currently four different armies to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and playstyle. Who you prefer to play with is ultimately up to you. But each of these armies behaves differently out of the gate, so it’s best to know which ones require some extra skill and which ones are easy to play.



4 Wehrmacht

a company of heroes of the 3 forces of the Wehrmacht in the desert

The Wehrmacht revolves around speed and blitzkrieg with the armored elements of their army, and their playstyle reflects this well.

Wehrmacht armor is the shining star of this faction and there is an armor item for every case you can imagine. The Tiger and Panzer heavy tanks are great as a core, albeit slower unit in your arsenal that can take out most enemies in a short amount of time.

While Wibelwind and Armored Car are great at dealing with enemy infantry.

These units are reinforced with infantry units that allow for greater speed and maneuverability. They are lacking compared to other infantry focused factions.

Their air and artillery support is where the Wehrmacht really loses. The Stukas and their bombing raids and the Strobtruppen units with their MG42s are a saving grace, but not enough to really make up for the Wehrmacht’s weakness in infantry and air power.

They’re a fun faction to play once you understand how to effectively use the armor they excel at, but the time it takes and the ability to be hindered from the air or at range really limits them.

3 British forces

company of heroes 3 british tank hold picturesque village

The British were not about to allow the Axis military forces to march across Africa without a fight, and they were good at it. In contrast to the Wehrmacht, British forces excel at long-range engagements.

With their artillery, they can weaken their enemies to the point that they only have to wipe them out when they get close. Howitzers, mortars and self-propelled artillery platforms are ready to fire them and wreak havoc at range.

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Their armor and infantry should not be forgotten, but they will be quickly overwhelmed when faced with factions that specialize in close combat. You may want to invest in infantry support battlegroups or heavy armor support battlegroups as they will spread your unit strength a bit more evenly.

The key to making this fraction work for you is knowing the distance at which you can perform optimally. You want to keep your enemy within range of your weapon, but mostly out of range.

It’s easy to underestimate the speed or range of your enemy faction and get wiped out pretty quickly when they surround or outrun you.

2 American forces

Company of Heroes 3 American forces are attacking the Wehrmacht at a control point

The US might be the best faction for players new to this game, or even this series, or RTS games in general.

The US forces do everything fairly well, but they are somewhat great at infantry tactics, thanks to units like their paratroopers and commandos. This only increases if we consider the battlegroups of dismounted infantry and combat operations.

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There is no need to give up their armor and air power, but they can be outmatched when dealing with more advanced units. Using your infantry as spearheads and even surrounding enemy units or cutting them off with your paratroopers can result in light battles with few casualties.

Be careful of any units that focus too much on your infantry, as they can sometimes go more towards the glass cannons. Especially when faced with the Wehrmacht and the like carrying machine guns.

1 German Afrika Korps

company of heroes 3 the afrikakorps faction attacks a village in the desert

Afrikakorps often makes fighting enemies so easy that it doesn’t seem fair. This faction is very similar to Wehrmacht 2.0.

What you’ll want to do with this faction is surprisingly similar to the Wehrmacht. Your armor is your best friend here, and this faction knows that, adding even more units and skills that benefit from this approach.

Engineers and Recovery Half-Track should always be behind the front lines to repair any broken armor unit. Be diverse with your units, focus on armor, but allow units like Bersaglieri to deal with infantry harassing you.

Where you might be interested in other factions to boost units that aren’t doing much, it’s a great idea with Afrikakorps to further boost your armor with battlegroups, and there are plenty of options for that.

While many armored units in this faction have solid speed, they can be less mobile than some infantry. Knowing this, be on the lookout for any sign of encirclement or anti-tank units sneaking up on you, as this playstyle is sure to attract their attention.

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