Bob’s Burgers Voice Actor Arrested Over Alleged Insurrection Participation

Just over a year ago, it was revealed that Bob’s Burgers voice actor Jay Johnston would be banned from reprising his role as Jimmy Pest on the show, meaning the character would not appear in season 12. This was due to photos allegedly taken of part of the riots at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 appearing online. Sources close to the show described the ban as a “blacklist” by Disney and Fox, and on March 4, 2021, the FBI began seeking information about the actor’s involvement.

Well, it seems he now has all the evidence he needs, as the FBI has arrested Johnson for his alleged involvement, according to the Hollywood Reporter. After allegedly seeing a copy of the criminal complaint, the Hollywood Reporter claims Johnstone was charged with civil disorder, entering or remaining in a prohibited building or property, disorderly or disruptive behavior in a prohibited building or property, and obstructing passage through the Capitol. land or buildings.


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As for how the FBI officially identified it as Johnston, other than two very clear and obvious photos of him, they claim that flight records show that Johnstone flew to Washington on January 4th and then left again on January 7th. They also “interviewed three current or former associates of Johnston’s,” all of whom observed the voice actor when he was presented with the aforementioned photos.

It is currently unknown what sentence Johnston will face if convicted or if he will be sentenced to prison. The sentences already handed down to many of the individuals involved include penalties ranging from fines to several years in prison, but it all likely depends on Johnston’s level of involvement. Depending on his charges, he could avoid a hefty fine or probation.

Even if Johnstone gets away with a light sentence, his career is currently in flames. The actor has only had one role since being fired from Bob’s Burgers in 2021, as Allen in the comedy drama Wing Dad. He’ll have an even harder time finding work with a criminal record, but I guess that’s what you get when you allegedly broke into a government building because the former president had a temper tantrum.

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