Everything Included In The Decor To The Max Kit In The Sims 4

Ever since The Sims 4 introduced kits, a new form of DLC that can be purchased in-game, new furniture and Create-A-Sim items have been constantly arriving in the game. The Decor To The Max set is just one of these many content packs, and it specifically offers a lot of decor and furniture to use in your various buildings.

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Typically, each set in the game is themed around a central concept or idea, and the Decor To The Max set features items modeled after a maximalist aesthetic. If you are interested in the specific furniture items in this set, please see the list below.



6 Luxury lighting

An image of two lamps from the game Sims 4 Decor To The Max Kit, a floor lamp and a pendant light.

Unfortunately, this kit only adds two lighting options to the game, and both are perhaps too advanced to be consistently enjoyed. While the floor lamp has a very attractive arc, the lampshade itself is made of thin strands of fabric dyed in bright shades of color.

The pendant light isn’t much better, looking more like a model of the solar system instead of a real light. This lamp has a small central bulb that has bits of light projecting from the center in straight lines.

While both pieces may not represent the most gratuitous aesthetic, they really complement the other vibrant colors found throughout the pack.

5 Maximalist colors and floor coverings

Image from Sims 4 Decor To The Max Kit of paint and floor samples.

A great way to decorate a room effortlessly is to spruce up the space with new flooring or wallpaper, instantly injecting a splash of color into a lifeless space. In the Decor To The Max range, all the floor tiles and wallpapers are incredibly vibrant and offer eclectic patterns that can be layered together to mimic a carpet.

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While the patterns may look incredibly flashy at first glance, there are plenty of neutral tones that can still be used in almost any building. Specifically, floral and tiger wallpapers can be toned down to fit different bedrooms or even common spaces like bars or nightclubs.

4 Comfort pillows

Sims 4 Decor To The Max Kit chair and sofa image.  This photo shows three chair samples and a yellow sofa version.

Perhaps only one new chair and one new settee will be released with this package, both pieces of furniture are truly superb. Specifically, the sofa has vibrant patterns to choose from that also accommodate the two smaller cushions at each end of the sofa.

Thankfully, there’s also a neutral option that includes a dark brown back and plain white cushions.

The comfortable chair that comes with this set has a similar story as most of the chair patterns are decorated with neon colors and even lacing patterns. Similar to the sofa, one of the patterns of this chair decorates the material with a plain, creamy white color, which allows you to place this item in rooms without bringing maximalism to the room.

3 Shiny surfaces

An image from the Sims 4 Decor To The Max Kit showing the four different surfaces added to the pack.  This photo shows a fireplace, side table, coffee table and console table in a blue pattern.

With four new unique surfaces added in the Decor To The Max set, there’s no shortage of new furniture to fill your spaces and provide plenty of room for new decorations. Specifically, this set adds a brand new fireplace, console table, side table, and coffee table.

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As with all the items created for this pack, almost all of them feature vibrant colors and patterns that will make each of these pieces of furniture really stand out. Both the coffee table and the side table are also made of glass, which can be tinted in different colors depending on the pattern you choose.

Fortunately, there are a few neutral wood tones available for each piece, meaning these new surfaces can be used in more modern homes as well.

2 Wild Wainscoting

Image of white trim from Sims 4 Decor To The Max Kit.

Although the upholstery may only be one piece, it may be the most versatile piece of furniture that comes with the entire set. This item comes in three different heights, each corresponding to three different wall heights in the game, and can be easily mounted on any wall, just like the picture.

If you really want your paneling to shine, then use the new maximalist wallpapers that come with the kit to create an accent wall around your walls while bringing some traditional architecture into the space. Upholstery really stands out due to the versatility of this decorative piece, as it can blend seamlessly with almost any architectural style, ensuring that you can always use this piece of furniture in any of your builds.

1 Shiny decoration

An image of all the decorations added with the Decor To The Max Kit in The Sims 4. This includes a giraffe and peacock statue, an infinity mirror, a collection of pictures, and a mirror made of rectangles.

While larger pieces of furniture are certainly necessary in this package, nothing is more important than luxurious decor, as it can easily transform any living space. Specifically, the Decor To The Max Kit adds seven new decorative items ranging from expensive carpets, glowing mirrors and animal statues.

Perhaps the most notable decorative piece of this set is the large peacock statue, which can be painted in simple metallics or vibrant primary colors. This set also includes a small giraffe figurine, an infinity mirror, a picture collage, and more.

Overall, if you’re a fan of this over-the-top aesthetic, these decorative items are a must-have for any of your creations.

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