The Best Defense Cookies In Cookie Run: Kingdom

Standing on the front lines of any battle in Cookie Run: Kingdom, defensive cookies are key to your success. However, there are several very different characters available right now, so finding the best and right one for you can be quite a challenge.

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Still, for defensive cookies, it comes in the rarity hierarchy in the sense that ancients are much better than commons, and even epics seem to be a world away from rares. Each of these cookies will hold their own and be relatively useful in combat, so it’s just a matter of finding the right character to succeed in PVP and PVE as long as you play the game.

Updated June 7, 2023 by Rena Darling: Defensive cookies remain the heart and soul of a typical party and can protect the stronger but vulnerable cookies in your ranks. With the addition of defense cookies with several unique abilities, such as the ability to heal other players based on their attack power, you have the tools and room to experiment with your party. Whether you choose to build a defense up front or a group more focused on depleting your opponent’s HP as quickly as possible, the possibilities have become even more endless. At the end of the day, as long as the build works for you, that’s all that matters.



Cookie Run Kingdom Knight Cookie Wrap

Being one of the only two defensive cookies in the game, it’s easy to grab Knight Cookie and use it as much as you can. After all, what does a good defense say like a mighty knight in full armor?

Knight Cookie can definitely hold her own. He has some good stats and a great skill that will help any party. However, this help and protection will only last for so long. The real rare cookie you want to look for is the avocado cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Avocado Cookie

Avocado Cookie is the best rare defense cookie you can get in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If you haven’t been lucky enough to get an epic tier defense cookie, then this super girl is the next best thing.

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She has some pretty impressive stats, a wonderful personality, and an amazing utility skill that puts the likes of Strawberry and Knight Cookie to shame. Her skill has both AOE and buff capabilities for the party member with the highest attack power, all with a nice 12 second cooldown. Avocado Cookie is perfect for the early game before you tackle epic cookies.

Kouign-Amann Cookie swings a sword while facing the cards on the left side of the screen

The Crème Knights are a school of proud and noble knights in training, thanks to being under the tutelage of Kouign-Amann Cookie (pronounced Queen-Amann). As the de facto head of the school, she remains an example of strength, grace, and loveliness to all other students, even outside of Crème Knights Academy.

In Battle, Kouign-Amann focuses on fast attacks, increasing the attack speed of himself and two of your faster cookies in your party. What she lacks in direct tanking ability, she makes up for with increased speed and damage, making her closer to a charge cookie than a defense cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Madeleine Cookie

When it comes to the Madeleine Cookie, it’s really all about whether you manage to get it or not. It’s a good epic defense cookie, but not one of the best. That being said, if you get him before any other epic defense cookie, definitely include him in your party — he’s worlds better than any rare.

Madeleine Cookie is well known for her massive hit points and impressive defensive stats, but it’s her skill that really makes her worth having as your first epic cookie. Basically, this cookie skill will increase the damage it can deal by 108 percent (increasing by 1.45 percent each time you level it up). It will also be immune to debuffs for ten seconds, something that could keep your party fighting for another day.

Milk Cookie wields her mighty milk shield to protect the party

It’s worth noting that Milk Cookie has long been considered one of the best tanks in the game. However, it has unfortunately fallen down in the rankings after recent updates. That being said, it’s still a fantastic choice if you get it before any other epic defense cookie.

Milk Cookie’s initial fame comes from the fact that he is an amazing tank in PVP and PVE. He has brilliant stats and a skill that can deal AOE damage and uses a ‘taunt’ that ends up protecting other members of your party. His skill alone is why Milk Cookie is worth having in your party, if only until you get stronger cookies.

Financier Cookie holds his sword in his left hand

Financier Cookie’s stoic persona hides a Cookie who is fiercely loyal to every ally on her side, but none more so than her guardian, Clotted Cream Cookie. When in battle, she will choose the party member with the strongest attack to protect providing additional protection that provides resistance to attacks, damage and critical hits.

However, if Clotted Cream Cookies is on your field, then it receives the bonus of receiving healing from Financier Cookie’s light shield, which heals it for a fraction of its attack, depending on its level. While not ideal, she is strong enough to take damage and stay alive.

Cookie Run Kingdom Moon Rabbit Cookie

Perhaps one of the main reasons why you should have a Moon Rabbit Cookie at your party is because of how cute she is. When he uses his skill, he transforms into an adorable rice cake bunny and destroys almost any enemy that stands in your way.

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Although it’s a matter of opinion, there’s often nothing better than having a tank with healing capabilities. That way, if your healer is overwhelmed or just can’t heal fast enough, you always have a backup. This is what makes the Moon Rabbit Cookie so powerful. Her skill, which has a 14 second cooldown, can heal her and all defeated targets. It also allows her to deal 127.9 percent of her damage in one hit and destroy that boss that was messing with your party.

Cookie Run Kingdom Cocoa Hot Chocolate Cookie

Cocoa Cookie has taken the defense world by storm. She is incredibly powerful and is easily one of the best two epic defense cookies you can get. Similar to Moon Rabbit Cookie, she has the ability to heal her party if you use her skill, making her one of the best choices for PvP battles. She’s still great for PvE as well, but PvP seems to really thrive. After all, when you look at her skill, you can easily see how strong she is.

With a 15 second cooldown, Cocoa Cookie is able to heal all of her allies and make them immune to stun. She also becomes immune to interrupt effects and deals one hit damage that is 41.7 percent stronger than her normal hits. Her normal hits will also heal the three lowest HP allies.

Wildberry Cookie opening scene

Wildberry Cookie is your classic tank. He hits hard, takes damage like a pro, and has some useful abilities to help boost the rest of the party’s defense. If used correctly, this cookie could be one of the strongest defensive cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

With her ability to deal a significant amount of defense to all allies during her battle rage, Wildberry Cookie is a fantastic support, but can also thrive as a damage dealer and tank. His hits alone make him worth adding, and those hits only get better when using his skill. Wildberry Cookie is perfect for PVP or PVE if you let it work to its full potential.

Cookie Run Kingdom Strawberry Crepe Cookie

The Strawberry Crepe Cookie is without a doubt the best epic defense cookie you can get. They’re powerful, with incredible stats and skill that will blow your mind, and they look super cute throughout.

This cookie is incredibly popular and once you get one and try it, you’ll see why and never want to change. Until you get Ancient. After all, their Crepe Thrust skill causes a huge AOE and reduces the damage taken by two of your party members. A single hit during this skill deals a whopping 330 percent of their normal damage, which is probably enough to finish off whatever you’re fighting anyway.

Cookie Run Kingdom Hollyberry Cookie

As a permanent Ancient Defense Cookie, it’s no surprise that the Hollyberry Cookie is the best you can get. If you are lucky enough to have her join your party, or even just watch her fight, then you will witness such power. Especially compared to regular cookies.

Basically, Hollyberry Cookie is the perfect tank. When he uses his skill, he becomes a threat and becomes a powerful shield. This absorbs most of the damage it deals while also being immune to knockback effects, meaning it can do this all day long. If you can get this ancient one, never replace it.

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