Where To Find Lily In The World Tour Mode Of Street Fighter 6

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  • Chapter 4-1 Mad Gear from Metro City
  • Acquiring Lily as a Master: Spirit Guide Quest

Who would have thought Street Fighter 6 would that make me do so many legs? After peeling the leather right off the backs of some street men who traveled to Italy in search of a belt buckle, you’ve finally done what it takes to buy a fake bag for the Mad Gear Gang. Now you just have to present it to Elissa and hope she thinks it’s the real thing.

Related: Street Fighter 6: World Tour TipsWhile this chapter is definitely on the short side, this guide will cover the area around the Mad Gear hideout and give you the locations of any nearby chests as well as any important characters that may be holding onto some desirable items. Of course, along the way we will also present the steps to complete each step of this mission. As an added bonus, we’ll cover how to find Lily and learn her moveset.


Chapter 4-1 Mad Gear from Metro City

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 4, Elissa glares at you

Return to your HQ and change the time of day to night. Now go back to that same ladder where you first spoke to Elissa. Unfortunately, Elissa never intended to let you walk away unscathed. You will now have to fight her, as well as seven other members of the Mad Gear Gang.

Almost every reward worth getting here simply requires you to activate Pressure Time against these enemies. So, just block and punish them with a quick normal. Rinse and repeat until they are completely removed.

Street Fighter 6, World Tour Chapter 4, The Cursed Leader of the Mad Gear Gang

After you’re done with her (and her hounds), climb the ladder and talk to Thrasher Damnd. He wants you to snoop around and investigate a tournament that was halted due to protest. After you finish talking to him, talk to the other nearby Mad Gear gang members with the mission indicator above their heads. Now go back to the street by going down the ladder we climbed to get here before we go to our HQ we’ll grab some SiRN chests.

After climbing the ladder from Damnd’s roof, with your back to the ladder, turn left. Under the bridge, you’ll find that there are two fenced off areas on either side of the street where the Mad Gear members hang out. One SiRN chest contains 5000 miles, and the chest across the street has a stamina booster inside.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Chapter 4, a spotter throws three Molotov cocktails at once

As you return to Beat Square, you may notice that there is a ladder around the corner from the entrance to your HQ. Climb this ladder and you’ll meet the Watcher: Metro City’s very own superhero. Challenge him to a fight and you can get some pretty hefty EXP rewards. Be careful though, he has the same projectile attacks as a typical Mad Gear gang member, but amped up quite a bit.

When he throws Molotov cocktails, he throws three of them and covers the entire floor. He also has a knife throw attack, but he throws three of them instead of one and they are a lot faster. If you stuff him, you can take heavy counter penalties to him all day and trigger pressure time.

Behind the Watcher is a SiRN chest containing a Knit Cap. Now climb the small ladder to get to the roof for this and you’ll find another SiRN chest containing a Punch Booster.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Chapter 4 Untorn Bridge Poster

Then return to HQ and wait until daylight. Go down the street from HQ and talk to the police. Now follow the marker north and you will find a torn poster. Unfortunately, he is too damaged to tell you much. Then talk to Jacob standing next to the torn poster. He will tell you to go look at the bridge (the same one that Leonardo is hanging on).

Now move to the northernmost point of the bridge and you’ll find another poster – luckily this one is completely intact. Read the poster and then remove it. Return to HQ again, sleep until night and then return to Damnd. Once you tell him what it’s about, you’ll complete the mission “The Mad Gear of Metro City”. You will be rewarded with 3000 Zennys and 5 vials of Red Dye.

Acquiring Lily as a Master: Spirit Guide Quest

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Chapter 4 Lily rates you

From this chapter onwards, you will be able to find the quest “The Spirit Guide” in Metro City. You need to talk to Ana, she is near Chinatown. She’ll tell you that she was robbed by someone who sounds suspiciously like one of those Canary Crate Gang members. Go to Chinatown and you will meet Zim. Talk to him and you will fight him.

After defeating Winter in battle, you can return Ana’s belongings to her. All you have to do is yes go talk to Ana. You will be rewarded with ten plane tickets and 3000 Zennys. More importantly, you will be able to travel to the village of the Thunderfoot tribe! So, hop on a plane and head there. When you arrive, you’ll have to fight Lily. After you fight her, talk to her again to become her disciple.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Chapter 4 SiRN Chest near Lily

Go to the left side of Thunderfoot Village and you’ll find a SiRN chest containing a silver nugget. This can be sold for a healthy amount of Zenny.

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Important Avatars

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for gear, a number of Mad Gear gang members hang out under the bridge Oversized shirts. Many of them have Special issues of Fighter’s Magazine (which is a gift you can give to the masters). We also found a face mask in one of the barrels in the Mad Gear chat area. We checked the same location with another character, but she wasn’t there. So this seems completely random.

The observer

  • Location: The bridge above the Mad Gear base
  • level: 28

Drop Lock Status

Drop Lock Award

Energy drink M

Hit with 1 Super Art

Special edition of Fighter magazine

Defeat with Luke’s style

Bow Style: 100 EXP

Defeat after starting with the main action

1000 IZK

Defeated by Super Art


  • Location: The bridge above the Mad Gear base
  • level: 10

Drop Lock Status

Drop Lock Award

Airline ticket

Roll 3 times

Canned herring

Defeat with equipment in each slot

A lukewarm beer

Defeat with Blanka’s style

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