Marvel Snap Spider-Versus season brings new locations, characters, and more

Marvel Snap introduced the new season update, Spider-Versus for the month of June 2023. The season morally focuses on the theme of Spider around the multiverse and the theme is based on the new Spiderman movie, Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse. There is so much to look forward to for the season and new maps are also introduced along with two new locations. Let’s take a look at the details and learn more about the new season and new additions.

The Marvel Snap Spider-Versus season brings new Series 5 and Series 4 cards

In the previous installment, we thoroughly discussed the new upcoming cards when they came out as leak reports. But now it has been confirmed and the leaks have turned out to be real. For this season, here is the list of Series 5 and Series 4 cards that will be released along with their scheduled dates:

series 5

silk: any card played here moves that card to another slot with a 2 Cost, 5 Power Silk card. This helps the players to set a strategic trap for their opponents and snatch victory from them.

Series 5 and Series 4 Marvel Snap Spider-Versus Season Update Cards
Image via Nuverse

series 4

Spider-Ham: Turn the highest cost card in your opponent’s hand into a pig, keeping its power and cost as they are. This 1 Cost and 1 Power Spider-Ham ability is quite unique and thus can help players get an edge over the match.

Spider-Man 2099: When this first moves to a location, destroy an enemy card there. This 4 cost, 6 power Spider-Man 2099 ability is very useful and can be a game changer in the final turns.

Below mentioned are the release dates for the above cards:

  • Silk – June 13
  • Spider-Ham – June 20
  • Spider-Man 2099 – June 27

These cards will appear in the Token Shop or Collection Level respectively. Players above 486+ collection level will have easy access to these cards.

Marvel Snap introduces two new locations in this Marvel Snap Spider-Versus update

Spider-Versus came along with two more new in-game locations. These are the following locations that players will witness in the game this month:

  • At Aunt May’s – The first card player to play here gets +3 power and moves.
  • Great web – After each turn, the location moves one card into the web for a random player.
Marvel Snap Spider-Versus Season Update New Locations
Image via Nuverse

In addition, Marvel Snap introduces new seasonal variants for various cards and here is their list:

  1. Ghost-Spider – Venomized Super Rare
  2. Ghost-Spider – Pixel Rare
  3. Ghost Spider – Rose Besch Super Rare
  4. Mister Negative – Faye Rare
  5. Silk – Skottie Young Rare
  6. Silk – Venomized Super Rare
  7. Silk – Pixel Rare
  8. The hawk – Giulio Redko
  9. Hobgoblin – Pixel Rare
  10. Venom – In-Hyuk Lee Ultimate
  11. Requirements – Davila Super Rare
  12. Spider-Ham – Peter Porker Rare
  13. Spider-Ham – Venomized Super Rare
  14. Spider-Ham – Dan Hipp Weird
  15. Electro – Kim Jacinto Ultimate
  16. Agent 13 – Dan Hipp Rare
  17. Spider-Woman – Rian Super Rare
  18. Wrecks – Dan Hipp Rare
  19. Spider-Man 2099 – Dan Hipp Rare
  20. Spider-Man 2099 – Francesco Mattina Super Rare
  21. Spider-Man 2099 – Skottie Young Rare
  22. Spider-Man – Dan Hipp Rare
  23. Iron Man – Alex Garner Ultimate
  24. America Chavez – Venomized Super Rare
  25. Crystal – Pixel Rare
Marvel Snap Spider-Versus Season Update new versions of the season
Image via Nuverse

For this new season, there are some amazing packs that players will also witness, they are:

Marvel’s Voices: Pride – $4.99

  • Version: America Chavez 07
  • Avatar: America Chavez 07
  • Version: Iceman 07
  • Avatar: Iceman 07
  • 155 America Chavez Boosters
  • 155 Iceman Amps

Itsy Bitsy Spider – 2500 gold

  • Version: Miles Morales Baby
  • Avatar: Miles Morales Baby
  • Title: I Kid, Arachnid
  • Back of card: Miles Morales
  • 155 Miles Morales Boosters

Heavy Eight – $19.99

  • Variant: Doctor Octopus Noir
  • Avatar: Doctor Octopus Noir
  • Version: Black Cat Noir
  • Avatar: Black Cat Noir
  • 155 Doctor Octopus boosters
  • 155 black cat boosters

Mechurt Connors – 4500 gold

  • Version: Lizard Mech
  • Avatar: Lizard Mech
  • 465 Lizard Boosters

Bring the Pain – $29.99

  • Version: Scorpion 3099
  • Avatar: Scorpion 3099
  • Version: Hobgoblin 3099
  • Avatar: Hobgoblin 3099
  • 155 Scorpion Boosters
  • 155 Hobgoblin Boosters

I don’t like Sandman – 3000 gold

  • Version: Sandman Sand Bae
  • Avatar: Sandman Sand Bae
  • Title: Kind of a Jerk
  • 155 Sandman Amplifiers

Festival of the Year – $4.99

  • Version: Aero Coax
  • Avatar: Aero Coax
  • 155 Aero boosters

Featured Artist: Fiona Hsieh – $19.99 USD

  • Version: Venom Fiona Hsieh
  • Avatar: Venom Fiona Hsieh
  • Version: Carnage by Fiona Hsieh
  • Avatar: Carnage Fiona Hsieh
  • 155 poison enhancers
  • 155 Carnage Boosters

Spandexcellent – 6000 gold

  • Version: Spider-Man 05
  • Avatar: Spider-Man 05
  • Title: Most Spandexcellent
  • 310 Spider-Man Boosters

Atlantis Beach Club Rewind – $9.99

  • Version: Wave 02
  • Avatar: Wave 02
  • Version: Namor 02
  • Avatar: Namor 02
  • Variant: Cosmo summer vacation
  • Avatar: Cosmo Summer Vacation
  • Back of card: Atlantis
  • Back of card: Trident of Namor
  • 155 Wave amplifiers
  • 155 Namor amplifiers
  • 155 Cosmo Boosters

That’s all from this month’s Marvel Snap Spider-Versus season update.

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