All Machine Spirit Upgrades In Warhammer 40k: Boltgun

While facing the many enemies of Warhammer 40k: Boltgun, you will have a full arsenal at your disposal. As befits a member of the Space Marines, this weapon is the best humanity has to offer. Whether it’s a lowly Chaos Cultist or one of the Chosen of the Chaos Gods, you can destroy anything.

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But what’s an arsenal if it can’t be upgraded? Thanks to the Mechanicus’ Omnissiah, you can find tokens scattered around the world that will make each of your weapons more powerful. While they may be off the beaten path, these upgrades to the machine spirit are worth keeping an eye on for anyone.



8 Vengeance Launcher

warhammer boltgun dead big bastard

A weapon rarely found throughout the galaxy. The Vengeance Launcher is a grenade launcher of sorts that only gets more volatile as you upgrade.

For a launcher, the upgrade might not be too inventive, but it’s great. When you find the machine spirit upgrade, the explosive detonation will have a larger radius. This means you don’t have to be as picky about your targeting and the chance to catch multiple enemies with each explosive. It may be a more difficult weapon to master, but its crowd control potential is unmatched.

7 Melting gun

warhammer boltgun melta with daemon close

The Melta Gun makes a fool of any heretic who thinks they’re safe behind cover, its powerful beams piercing through all but the toughest materials. Upgrading it gives you more beams that emit a range of weapons.

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This adds extra damage and a wider range for more chances to hit your targets. This makes the Melta Gun a good competitor for boss fights. The lack of large amounts of ammo to supply the small magazine that the weapon has is the only real drawback of the weapon at any level.

6 Plasma gun

a warhammer boltgun plasma gun that shoots space marine terminator

The plasma pistol can be a double-edged sword for many people who use it in the Emperor’s army. But with a little help from the upgrade, it becomes much easier to use.

The upgrade does several things at once. It increases the size of the magazine, increases the rate of fire of the weapon, and removes the possibility of the plasma gun overheating and taking damage. This is incredibly useful as you can use it more like an automatic weapon later on without worrying about your character’s health or ammo needs.

5 Wolf Caliver

warhammer boltgun wolves

High-tech weapons from the forges of Mars. It’s only fair that the tech priests came up with a way to make one of their favorite weapons more lethal.

The continuous beam emitted by the weapon deals damage over time the longer it is in contact with the enemy. With the upgrade, the speed at which the weapon deals this damage is greatly increased. This means you don’t have to use your weapon for as long to kill an enemy; it saves you ammo, time, and potentially health.

4 Grav Cannon

Warhammer boltgun shoot a gravity gun at a demon

A deadly weapon that damages the target when it is larger by using gravity to pull their mass inwards. It is incredibly deadly against bosses and armored targets like Chaotic Space Marines.

This becomes even more deadly when you upgrade the weapon with a machine spirit token. The radius of the weapon’s gravity well is significantly increased. While it doesn’t do more damage than many other weapon upgrades, it’s far from a pea shooter, so it really doesn’t lose much. The larger radius of effect helps when dealing with enemies while using this gun on the move.

3 A rifle

warhammer boltgun

The shotgun is one of the simpler weapons you can find in Boltgun and also in the 41st Millennium. The gun upgrade is similar to the Melta; increases the amount of projectiles fired.

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However, the amount the shotgun increases is much higher. Also, as an added bonus, projectiles that miss an enemy target are deflected. It’s incredibly deadly indoors. Once you’ve mastered this upgrade, you’ll be shooting off walls like a master.

2 Heavy bolts

Warhammer Boltgun heavy bolt in corridor

A weapon that is usually mounted on a rack or vehicle. Although somewhat unwieldy, the Emperor’s best can hand-wield him in a pinch.

The spirit of the machine for this weapon removes the negative effect on your speed while firing the weapon. Whether you’ll get used to the weapon or rework it to make it easier isn’t certain, but it’s best not to look the gift horse in the mouth. Once you find this weapon upgrade, you’ll immediately start running and gunning.

1 screws

Warhammer Boltgun Bolter shooting chaos space marines

The bolter is a weapon synonymous with the Space Marine factions. In many cases, this is the weapon that people think of first when they think of Imperium Of Man.

It seems only fair that the main weapon in the game has an upgrade that makes it much more deadly. This weapon upgrade does two things, both important. The first is that it increases the amount of rounds the weapon holds in the magazine. Which means more shooting and more dead enemies before you have to reload.

Secondly, the power of the weapon also increases. This allows for more damage against tougher enemies and less time dealing with softer enemies. Which is a win-win.

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