How To Complete Missing In Action In Breath Of The Wild

There are 76 side quests in it The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it’s easy to lose track of which one you’re working on. Many of these quests are given by NPCs spread throughout the region who will ask you for help with simple tasks. One of these side quests is Missing In Action.

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For this quest, you’ll be tasked with rescuing a group of friends from a bunch of Bokoblins in Gerudo Canyon. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to complete Missing In Action. First, let’s see where to start this search.


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Start search

a gerudo canyon map, with the desert tower highlighted, showing the location of the barn

To start this search, go to Gerudo Canyon Stables. This barn can be found along the path leading into the desert circled on the map above. Additionally, the stable is located near the Wasteland Tower. If you already have this tower unlocked, you can teleport here and slide down to the barn.

Generally, if you’re on your way to the Gerudo Desert, you’ll pass by this barn; it’s not easy to miss.

Sesami will be standing outside the barn. To start the Missing in Action side quest, Talk to Sesami. He will tell you that he is looking for his four friends, Palms, Flaxel, Canola and Oliff. Your task will be yes find these friends and return back to Sesami.

Finding Sesame’s friends

Koukot Plateau with four marked locations showing where to find Sesami's friends

After accepting the quest, head to Koukot Plateau. This is the area on the path that leads back towards the central part of the map. All of Sesami’s friends can be found in this area.

The Koukot Plateau contains several wooden walkways and Bokoblins. When you reach this area, climb the wooden walkway and continue up. Defeat all the Bokoblins that appear in your path and save Sesami’s friends.

The three friends will be quite close together (Flaxel, Canolo and Oliff) but the last friend (Palms) will be further south than shown on the map.

To find Flaxel, Canola and Oliff, raise the initial wooden ramp near the torch. Here you will find these three friends along with some Bokoblins. Finally, head to Palms located in the south. Here you can come from suspended walkways and platforms. Defeat the two Bokoblins on your way and save the last friend.

Don’t forget to talk to each friend. This will teleport them back to Sesami, completing their rescue.


Link to the conversation with Sesami in the Gerudo Canyon Stables
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When I found all four friends, go back to Gerudo Canyon Stables and talk to Sesami. As a reward, he will give you a gold rupeeworth 300 rupees.

Once the quest is complete, you can continue through the canyon into the desert or continue working on other side quests.

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