How To Unlock Natak Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

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  • Moving the crystal to Natak Shrine

Shrines dot Hyrule The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm. Many shrines contain a puzzle that will test your skills, and some shrines may be a challenge just to get to. While activating shrines, you will come across those that require a special crystal to open.

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These shrines will not have a main ‘rock’ structure and interacting with it will give you the Sky Crystal Shrine Quest. One of these quests is the Sokkala Sky Crystal Quest, which must be completed in order to enter the Natak Shrine. You can see the full progress of this shrine quest here.


Location of Natak Shrine

split image showing the location of the natak shrine above the location on the surface of hyrule

Natak Shrine can be found in Sokka Sky Archipelago. It is a collection of islands that sit above the Hudson construction site behind the town of Tarrey. Above you can see the Natak shrine highlighted and its location above the surface.

On the map you will see a group of islands with the bottom cluster with an object that looks like a circle. Immediately to the left of this you will see a cross-shaped island; Natak’s shrine sits on the far left “horn” of the cross. Although the shrine lacks a main structure, it will still have a spiral of light coming from the top, to see it from afar.

The coordinates for the shrine are (3671, 1484, 1158).

a connection of tears of the realm flying on a fan plane from the water temple

There are several ways to get here. First, you can design a Zonai device (by balloon or rockets) this lifts you up into the sky. Another option is to teleport to the water temple and use the fan plane to fly over. If you don’t have this schematic stone, that’s all you have to do attach some fans to the wing with a joystick to help you navigate.

Once here, you will see the location where the shrine should be. When interacting with the shrine, you will receive the Sokkala Sky Crystal Shrine Quest.

Finding the crystal

Teas of the kingdom link spinning capstan

After activating the task, the green line will connect the shrine to the crystal, which appears to be heading northeast.

In the center of the island you’re on, you’ll see a capistan (a circular dial with four bars coming out of it). By pressing this, the outer ring of the island will rotate. You may also notice the starter spinning.

Your goal here is the line launcher up with the bullet to the northeast. Once it’s aligned, jump and you’ll be launched all the way to the orb. Once in the air, deploy your paraglider and glide to the opening of the sphere.

It’s okay if the starter isn’t perfectly aligned; this launcher is here to get you to the bullet. With some strategic sliding, you can easily find the opening of the bullet.

Moving the crystal to Natak Shrine

tears of the kingdom inside the sky sphere with mini sphere and launcher

You’ll see a crystal in the center of the orb, as well as a smaller floating orb and a makeshift launcher.

If you want to move the crystal, you will have to use your Ultrahand to manipulate the floating orb. When you look at it, you will see that the sphere looks like a a mini version of the one you are in.

tears of the kingdom link with ultrahand on mini ornb

Moving the mini sphere will twist the outer shell around you and in turn, adjust where the opening is.

To align the opening with the sanctuary island, rotate the ball so that the opening is level with the ground. This allows you to see where the opening is pointing. With an opening at eye level, rotate the sphere horizontally until you see the shrine island.

The green line coming from the Crystal can serve as an indicator if you are aligned with the island. Installation of the crystal behind an improvised missile will help you find the correct position.

tears of the realm opening with the natak shrine

Although the launcher is tilted upwards, you can move it around. Using your Ultrahand, turn the launcher so it’s on its side and it will fire horizontally. It should be the launcher in line with the island, meaning that if you fired something, it would land here.

now, place the crystal on the launcher. After hitting a projectile with any weapon, Crystal will fly towards the island.

If the Crystal accidentally falls, don’t worry! It will respawns behind the pillar where you first found him. When Crystal arrives on the island, slide and take it to the shrine.

Natak Shrine Award

Tears of the Realm Sokkala Shrine quest completion screen

Natak Shrine contains no challenges; instead of, you will receive Rauru’s blessing and find a chest containing the Enduring Elixir.

After completing the shrine quest, you can either continue exploring the skies or head to the device distributor on the island, yes you get different parts of Zonai.

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