Where To Get Kaveh’s Ascension And Talent Materials In Genshin Impact

If you are a Genshin Impact player, you know that character releases are one of the most exciting moments in the game. In addition to the excitement of getting new characters on the roster, you can also spend all the Gacha currency you’ve accumulated over time. Although it can be quite difficult to get a new four-star character.

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Kaveh is a Dendro character who uses a Claymore as his weapon and was first released alongside Baizhu in the 3.6 update. It’s probably one of the most fun units in the game if you’re lucky enough to get one, and here are all the materials you need.


Kaveh’s Ascension Materials

Black and white image of Genshin Impact Kaveh

All the materials you’ll need to climb Kaveh through the stages so you can lift it are:

Ascension phase

The highest level

He has to


A regional specialty

Mob Drops

World Boss Drops




1x Nagadus Emerald Sliver

3x Sad Flower

3x fungal spores





3x Nagadus Emerald Fragment

10x mourning flower

15x fungal spores

2x Quelled Creeper




6x Nagadus Emerald Fragment

20x mourning flower

12x luminous pollen

4x Quelled Creeper




3x studded emerald piece

30x mourning flower

18x luminous pollen

8x Calm Reptile




6x studded emerald piece

45x Sad Flower

12x Crystal Cyst Powder

12x Quelled Creeper




6x Nagadus Emerald Gemstone

60x Sad Flower

24x Crystal Cyst Powder

20x Doomed Reptile

All the materials listed in the table are those required for his ascension.

You will need it additional Mora and character EXP materials to upgrade his level. You can level up a character only after reaching the highest level of the previous level up.

Kaveh’s Talent Materials

Genshin Impact Kaveh Surprised expression

After achieving a certain ascension on Kaveh, you will unlock the highest level to which you can upgrade his talents. Each talent is limited to a up to ten levels excluding the levels you get from constellations and other methods. Here are all the materials you’ll need for one of Kaveh’s three talents:

Talent level

He has to

Talent books

Mob Drops

Weekly Boss Drops



3x Lessons of Ingenuity

6x fungal spores




2x Ingenuity Guide

3x luminous pollen




4x Ingenuity Guide

4x luminous pollen




6x Ingenuity Guide

6x Luminous Pollen




9x Ingenuity Guide

9x luminous pollen




4x Philosophies of Ingenuity

4x Crystal Cyst Powder

1x Primordial Greenbloom



6x Philosophies of ingenuity

6x Crystal Cyst Dust

1x Primordial Greenbloom



12x Philosophies of Ingenuity

9x Crystal Cyst Dust

2x Primordial Greenbloom



18x Philosophies of Ingenuity

12x Crystal Cyst Powder

2x Primordial Greenbloom

Since Kaveh is the main DPS that infuses his weapon with Dendra when he fires Elemental Burst, you’ll need to upgrade all three of his active talents to get good value. This means you will need three times the number of resources listed in the table above. Additionally, you’ll also need three Crowns of Insight if you want to upgrade his talents to level ten.

Crowns of Insight can be obtained through certain limited time events in each update, which means you get one roughly every six weeks.

Although you do get some extra crowns every time a new area is released after spending special currencies to upgrade the tree in that area.

The teachings, guides, and philosophies of ingenuity can be obtained through the Steeple of Ignorance Domain, located on the northern side of the Sumeru Rainforest. You will only find these books when it is Tuesday, Friday and Sunday according to your server time. If you plan to grow them, it is recommended that you save your Resin from the previous day.

The weekly boss called Warden of the Last Oasis can be unlocked after completing Nahida’s second story, and this boss will give you a Primordial Greenbloom. There is a one in three chance of getting this drop every time you fight a boss, but you can convert other drops from the same boss to this one using Dream Solvent.

Where to get Nagadus Emerald Crystals for Kaveh

Genshin Impact Nilou with Warden of The Last Oasis

The Nagadus Emerald is one of the seven crystals belonging to the seven elements of Teyvat, though this one is much harder to get since it was released later in the game. They are green in color and can be obtained from several sources:

  • World and Weekly Bosses are the main source of Nagadus Emerald Crystals. You can get them every time you claim a reward after defeating Dendra Hypostasis, Jadeplume Terrorshroom, or Warden of the Last Oasis. You will need to spend at least 30 Original Resin to get these rewards.
  • Each update in Genshin Impact comes with several events, and these events can also give you some of these crystals. Although you only get about six fragments of each crystal from a given event. These rewards can only help you with the initial level ups of the character.
  • Finally you can convert other crystals of the same rarity into Nagadus Emerald using Dust of Azoth. This item can be purchased from the Paimon shop and is likely to be used a lot when upgrading Dendro characters.

If you are new to the game, obtaining the necessary amount of crystals may be the most difficult from all materials.

Where to get mourning flowers

Genshin Impact Nilou with Mourning Flower

The northern area of ​​the Sumeru Desert consists of two regions called Gavireh Lajavard and the Kingdom of Farakhkert. A bouquet of mourning flowers is scattered around these two areas and the best places to look for them are various bodies of water except the oasis of Vourukasha. You can also find some near the Tunigi Hollow area.

If you want to find these flowers more easily, it is recommended to have Tignari in your party as he has a passive that can detect the nearby regional peculiarities of Sumeru. You can get this character by pulling a standard banner or lose your 50:50 on a limited character banner.

To get enough for Kaveh, you’ll need to farm Mourning Flowers multiple times.

You can mark the general locations of these flowers to make it easier to get them next time.

It takes 48 hours for any regional specialty to respawn after you pick it up.

Where to get Fungal Spores, Luminous Pollen, and Crystal Dust Cysts

The final battle with Genshin Impact Domain fungi

Fungi are special enemies scattered throughout Sumeru and you can get all the mob drops needed for Kaveh from these enemies. Fungi can be found for every element and they exist in both small and large forms. Smaller mushrooms rarely have a chance to drop an item, while larger ones will always drop something.

Although fighting these enemies can be quite difficult due to their reaction to different elements. If you apply electro or pyro to these fungi, they go into an activated or burnt state. Defeating an enemy in these states will drop various items that are completely useless as no character uses them.

They will also have some fungi Electro or pyroelectric energy applied to them through the environment automatically.

If you are fighting an enemy in an activated or burned state, you must lure them out and not defeat them until the state fails. Just by looking at them, you’ll be able to tell when enemies are in a normal state. Characters with a bow like Ganyu or Tignari are best for fighting these enemies as they can also stay high in the air.

The good thing is that there are so many of these enemies scattered around Sumeru, yes you will be able to farm enough drops if you just go around the region once.

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