Evolution, a fantasy MMORPG, opens pre-registration on Android

Dragon’s Nest 2: EvolutionNov fantasy MMORPG an open world game that he developed Shengqu game Below Tencent’s Infinite level is now available for pre-registration for Android devices. The game takes place on the mainland altea where the player is tasked with saving a collapsing world.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution offers an exciting gaming experience

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution was first released in 2022 on Android early access expected in September the same year in selected regions around the world. However, after the announcement, there were no announcements from the developers before the recent opening of pre-registrations.

Game Dragon Nest 2: Evolution
Image via Level Infinite

At first glance, the game promises a multiplayer experience designed to deliver exciting and engaging gameplay. they exist four different classes characters to choose from that offer a choice 32 choicesand many options when it comes to finding the best approach. This will allow you to create a truly unique character that perfectly matches your favorite play style.

In multiplayer mode, you and your comrades embark on epic adventures together and face mighty boss battles to reap the benefits at the end. A trading system is also included in the game for free use of resources and equipment.

The pre-registration campaign is live with milestone rewards

Players will receive some interesting rewards if they beat certain milestones. Details are given below:

Pre-registration milestone Award
1 million Glazed Amber x100
2 million Revive Coin x10
3 million Pandora’s Heart x3
4 million Crazy Duck Hat x1
5 million Angel Sheep x1

These will be able to be claimed once the campaign is over in your in-game inbox.

The game is currently only available for Android devices, where they can pre-register on the Google Play Store. The makers confirm that pre-registration for iOS will begin soon at an unannounced date. No news has been announced about the global release, so players have to wait for official updates.

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