All The Cheats In Age Of Empires 4 And How To Use Them

Cheats and AOE series incl Age of Empires IV, they went hand in hand. As games became more popular, the things you could do with some real code got pretty weird and wonderful. From the simple and useful like turning off the fog of war to the downright bizarre like the ED-209 droids from Robocop, babies on tricycles with guns, soldiers firing nuclear ballistas, building devastating monster trucks and so much more outlandish and ridiculously overpowered units.

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Age of Empires cheats have become so popular and notorious that fans eagerly await each installment just to see what quirks and useful hidden codes the developers have inserted. Although it took a few months, Age of Empires IV has now joined its predecessors with an unlockable feature list that isn’t too wild, but contains some nice callbacks to classic cheats that make them fun to use and easy to replay input. For those of you looking for new cheats, here are all the Age of Empire IV cheats and how to use them.


How to activate cheats

Age Of Empires IV: Skirmish Options Cheat Activation Location

It’s pretty easy to get started messing with cheat codes in AOE IV and luckily you don’t have to browse the game’s file system or download external mods from third-party sites to run it, as everything is available in-game whenever you want. Unlike other games in the past where they were heavily baked into the gamecheat codes for Age of Empires IV came with the update almost eight months after startup. Now they are back and simpler than ever before.

It was an unusual decision to leave their inclusion so late, with so many others repair moving parts in the game first, it’s understandable why it took a while for them to appear. Frauds arrived with third season updateto use them, however, you will have to launch a campaign or skirmish against the AI. Then go to Game mode window and check the box labeled “Cheat”. After the match just starts press “Enter” to open the chatenter the code in lower case as shown below, and that’s that. If it doesn’t work, check your case and clearance. Codes can be use whenever and as often as you likeso there is no limit to the chaos you can cause.

Cheat codes

Age Of Empires IV: Photon Men cheat units that destroy the enemy base

The cheat codes you can play with are quite varied. There are some old and suitably weird favorites like it the laser spewing Photon Trooperinstant production, God’s way, and the possibility of delay a a huge pile of resources in your civilization’s bank account whenever you need them. Plus some simple ones like removing the mapand killing animals or tagged units there is no instant win code although there is one immediately lose the game.

Some of these are also available on salewhile others are just a fight. But we’ve highlighted which cheat codes work to make things a little simpler. All of these are case sensitive deactivate codes like invincibility, just re-enter the code. Also, if you spawn in a unit, check yours the primary urban core as they always will appear directly next to it.


The effect

inna jiffy

Instant construction/research

agreement on a full meal

Give 100k food

I have an idea for an app

Donate 100k gold resources

take it for granite

Give 100k stone resources

knock on wood

Give 100k wood resources


Give 100k of each resource

I give up

An immediate loss

do it fast

Instantly kill selected buildings and units


God’s Way for Units and Buildings

it is known

Map reveal

make me old scotty

Advance civilization into the next age

you monster

Kill all the animals immediately

the big bad wolf

Turn sheep into wolves

large double beds

Activate max pop cap

in the core

Create one of each base unit

one of us

Converts the selected unit

that’s fine

Burn the marked buildings


Teleport selected units to current cursor location

minimal minimal

Hides the user interface

out with a new one

Replace modern raid alarm with AOE2 alarm

the photon man

Create one of the iconic Photon Troopers

These last two are available for use exclusively in the campaign. They are for slowing down or speeding up gameplay, which is understandable since it doesn’t add much to the Skirmish matchup. Here are two you may need if you feel like it game speed plot in your advertising campaigns.

Cheat code

The effect

one more round

Slow motion mode in the campaign

another cup

Turbo mode in the campaign

Use of cheats affects advancement to achievements, challenges or masteries.

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