How To Complete Capture The Castle In The Witcher 3

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  • How to start capturing a castle

As far as Geralt knows, up until this point in v wizard 3, the person manipulating Dettlaff was cornered. Thanks to the clues she leaves behind at dinner, he is convinced that Rhena is imprisoned in Dun Tynne Castle. With the help of the ducal guardsmen, storming the castle and freeing the hostage should be a simple task.

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Of course, there is no such thing as a “simple task”. Capture the Castle is a battle-filled quest that brings to a close the mystery at the heart of Blood and Wine’s story and reveals the identity of the mastermind behind the murders.

How to start capturing a castle

A screenshot of The Witcher 3 map with an orange circle above the quest objective.

After a tense conversation with Regis and Dettlaff v Man from Cintra, Geralt decides to carry out his plan to kill the mastermind behind the Beast attack on Dun Thinne with Captain de la Tour and his men.


You may have encountered a mill in a briefly accessible quest In the middle of the mill spirit.

The search starts after rendezvous with the guards at midnight de la Croix’s mill. After reviewing the plan, the group is ready to go and begin the battle right after.

Capture Roderick

Geralt's swing is parried by a metal-helmeted guard.

Geralt jumps over the wall and finds himself face to face with the first of many enemies. While the men tried to escape, they are forced to fight Geralt as soon as they realize there is no hope of escape. You will have to kill the first group of enemies before making his way through the alley leading to Roderick, the owner of the castle.

With the number of enemies present using decoctions that improve with each enemy killed would be particularly useful. The Grave Hag decoction and Nightwraith decoction are particularly useful here.

They exist a handful of enemies who may not notice Geralt’s presence in the next street. You can ignore them to avoid unnecessary violence.

Geralt crouches next to a fallen nobleman during a nighttime assault on the latter's castle.

It’s Roderick at the end of this street with a chariot filled with his treasures and guarded by his men. They are enemies no different than the men you’ve already killed although a well placed bomb it can wipe out the group before you get in range.

The gentleman himself will hide until attacked. Leave him alone until all his men were sent away would be a good way to make the fight easier.

Geralt will face Roderick when the battle is over. The gentleman remains confused by his questions, he doesn’t know any hostages and told Geralt that Syanna is in the tower. It is to spice up the dish responsible for the stay of bandits in the castle.

Reaching Syanna

Regis and Dettlaff are standing in the middle of a pile of corpses when they come to help Geralt get to the castle.

Geralt is joined by unexpected allies move to the castle. Both Regis and Dettlaff have joined the attack arrive in time to save the wizard from a troop of crossbowmen.

Follow the pair from the walls to the castle courtyard. While the enemy is present in huge numbers, two vampires cut through them like a hot knife through butter. All you have to do is follow the couple through the carnage, killing any enemies that still remain.

When the path is clear, enter the castle. Where the scene will play Dettlaff enters first, to find Rhenna. Geralt follows suit, compiles the clues and realizing that Syanna and Rhena are one and the same.

Once the ruse is revealed, there is nothing to do but watch the clip when the task ends.

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