Crashlands 2 is scheduled for a global release on mobile via Netflix Games in 2024

Crashlands 2 brings you Butterscotch Shenanigans according to the developers, it will be released sometime in 2024, since on the other hand, no exact date has been announced. Crashlands 2 will be the successor of the famous Crashland series and will be available for mobile devices, both Android and iOS via Netflix games.

Crashlands 2 will strive to provide the ultimate survival experience

In Crashlands 2, players will travel back to Woanope as Flux Dabes, an intergalactic trucker and disgruntled corporate employee. Who, after completing his mission, returns to the planet and is really looking for a vacation, but before such a thing can happen, a mysterious explosion sends the character deep into alien territory.

Crashlands 2 Netflix Games, Crashlands 2
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The game will have the basis of a prequel, Crashlands, where players will have to build everything from scratch, whether it’s their weapons for survival or for their community. The goal of the game is to provide true creation in an open world RPG experiences where resources are short and will only come in handy if used in the right proportion.

The game will also come up with a variety of external characters that players can interact with and settle in and form a community with. Friendships play a huge role in survival and the game does a great job of making them a prerequisite for survival. There will be many quests and side missions in the game that will require players to follow companions, making the community in the game even more important.

Crashlands 2 offers the same open world adventure which made the game so much fun with many characters and missions in the game for players to enjoy. The game will be available on an undisclosed date in 2024 according to the developers through Netflix Games, which is more games is coming to its platform this summer.

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