Alchemy Stars celebrates its 2nd anniversary with a new limited-time event Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past

Infinite level and Tourdog Studio announced that they will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary Alchemical stars with the launch of a brand new limited time Ode to Lumopolis: A Journey into the Past event.

The Family Day story stage, Bottomless Chasm stage, Luminatics Training minigame, Aurorian Trial Stages, limited entry rewards, and many other things are included in the Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past event.

The Alchemy Stars Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past event brings exciting new content

Ode to Lumopolis: A Journey into the Past Event Features:

Exclusive Lustrous Soul 2nd Anniversary Recruitment and exclusive Aurorian Mia: Lustrous Soul

Alchemy Stars Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past
Image via Level Infinite
  • Mia: Lustrous Soul will be available for a short time during the recruitment period for the special Lustrous Soul. Mia will not be added to the character list for other types of recruitment campaigns; it will only be available for this event.
  • A 5 star Aurorian is promised to navigators within the first 10 recruitment cycles.
  • A 6-star Auorian probability boost technique will also be available during the exclusive recruitment.

Codex Calamity update to Codex Desolation

  • With new boss dynamics, a rich gameplay experience, new ranking rules, and additional gameplay rewards, the Calamity codex will be upgraded to the Desolation codex.

Limited time recruitment with the new Aurorian Schwartz: The Almighty Noise

Alchemy Stars Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past
Image via Level Infinite
  • Navigators will have a 50% chance to acquire Schwartz during the short-term recruitment event for Almighty Clamour; The almighty noise while recruiting a 6-star auror.

Luminatics Training minigame

  • Navigators tap tiles on the Alchemy board to remove them and gain points in Lumantics Training. Aurorians will help you between stages, and navigators can use their active abilities to change or get rid of tiles. To access the challenging levels, go through the easier ones first.

Ode to Lumopolis: A Journey into the Past Event: Rewards

  • Amazing in-game rewards from the Divination Room temporary event story can be redeemed using Crystal Droplets. Rewards include Legendary Aurorian Breakthrough Materials, 5 Paradigms, Limited Edition Legendary Aurorian Event Jakine and her Solamber, 3 Special Star Flames, Tribute Harp and Flickering Hourglass furniture, and more.
  • Navigators can earn up to 1,350 Lumamber for completing all three-star Family Day stages and completing story stages. Stand By Me Medallion – An event-specific commemorative crystal will be awarded for passing the final 3-star level. Navigators can receive up to 500 Lumamber and 2 Special Star Flares for completing all levels of Bottomless Chasm on all difficulty settings.
  • Navigators can log in throughout the duration of the event to receive exclusive goodies such as Lustrous 10x Recruitment Spirit, Lumamber x300, limited avatar frames and more.
  • Navigators can sign up during the event and receive 10x Mainstay recruitment every week for five weeks.

That’s all for Oda Lumopolis: A Journey into the Past in Alchemy Stars. Participate and earn exciting in-game rewards.

Are you excited about the Ode to Lumopolis: A Journey into the Past event in Alchemical stars? Let us know in the comments section below!

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