How To Find Sakunbomar Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

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  • How to start None Shall Pass?
  • How to complete Sakunbomar Shrine: Rauru’s Blessing

The Koroks are back again The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm, and are scattered across Hyrule just waiting to shout “Jahaha!” on you. Returning to Korok’s home turf will not be the same as it was in Breath of the Wild, as it seems that the twilight has found its way into the Korok forest.

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After saving the large Deku tree and clearing the Korok forest of the dark infestation, you’ll have plenty more to do in the area. You’ll be able to talk to a large Deku tree, chat with Hestu to increase your inventory, and even help some of the Korok Forest residents with their problems. A Korok named Zooki is the one you’ll need to talk to for the next quest.


How to start None Shall Pass?

Link stands in a misty forest looking at a glowing blue flower.

For starters None Shall Pass? you will have to talk to Zooki on the west side of Korok Forest. Zooki stands guard to protect his fellow Koroks from going into the dangerous parts of the forest ahead. But since you’re not Korok, they won’t stop you. Instead, they want you to check out something that appears to look similar to the Musanokir Shrine, which is already in Korok Forest.

Continue down the path past Zooki and you should follow the path of the blue night shadow through the trees. The path will not be difficult for a hero like you, but prepare to meet more Stalkoblini and Stalmobliniplus scaring Eternal trees.

At the end of the path along the Blue Nightshades is a clearing and you’ll find the thing Zooki wanted you to check out. Not fully formed, Sakunbomar Shrine sit and wait.

Like many shrines in Hyrule, Sakunbomar Shrine tasks you with obtaining a special crystal to gain access to the shrine. Examine the shrine and a green beam of light will guide you to the crystal.

You won’t have to run too far, but you’ll soon find it a green crystal attached to a suspicious stone buried in the ground.

Don’t be surprised when a Stone talus wakes up when you try to get to the crystal. this Lurker in the Lost Woods it is similar to others of its kind and will be easily defeated. The crystal takes the place of his weak pointso jump on Talus’s back and bounce.

Link uses the fuse ability on Stone Talus Heart on the ground.

After defeating the Lurker in the Lost Woods, don’t forget to combine the Stone Talus Heart with one of your weapons for additional damage.

Either use Ultrahand or take the crystal back to Sakunbomar Shrine, and soon you will be rewarded for all your efforts. Before you enter the shrine, Zooki will pop out and reveal that they actually followed you all the way. Looks like you inspired them to be a bit brave too!

How to complete Sakunbomar Shrine: Rauru’s Blessing

Link stands in front of a glowing green portal to the shrine.

With None Shall Pass? the quest itself is now complete, enter the shrine and receive Rauru’s blessing without any additional puzzles. Open the chest in the shrine to get a treasure Diamondand then complete the exit from the shrine with another The light of blessing.

If you want a quick way to get a Stone Talus Heart to fuse with a weapon, the Lurker in the Lost Woods will be a Stone Talus is reborn after each blood moon very close the teleport point for Sakunbomar Shrine.

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