How To Beat Starhunt Game Event In Honkai: Star Rail

Limited time events are the bread and butter Honkai: Star Railway as they give you tons of Star Jades and other resources. The 1.1 update also introduced a new feature where you could play some of these events at any time and get rewards.

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The Starhunt Game event was released in the same update and took you on a journey to learn more about Punklord’s mentality and how the Silver Wolf relates to her. You can also experience the brand new mechanics of scanning graffiti with a special camera.

How to get there before the Cone of Light tutorial starts

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Event Light Cone Screen

If you want to think about getting the Starhunt Game Light Cone event, you will first need to reach Trailblaze level 21 or higher to unlock the event. Once the event is unlocked, you’ll receive a message from Arlan telling you that he still wants to thank you for saving his life in the Herta Space Station main story.


That will be leads to the start of the Punklorde Mentality Companion mission, which will feature characters like Screwlum and Leonard. As you progress through this mission, you will unlock some graffiti at certain points. You need to unlock a total of ten graffiti to get the required Cone of Light:

  • The first three parts of the graffiti will be unlock when you go on an adventure with Leonardo to find hidden messages left the Silver Wolf alone.
  • You will unlock three more after traveling through a simulated universe with Mr. Screwlum where you will face the Silver Wolf.
  • The last two parts will be unlocked after talking to Herta, Screwlum and Leonard outside the Simulated Universe and complete the Punklorde Mentality quest.

You can only get these items while running the Starhunt Game eventThe light cone will disappear after that.

You would i can still do Punklorde Mentality and subsequent closed sector missions at any time.

Once you get the first three pieces, the rest of the event will unlock where you can play different arcade challenges and earn event currency. One of these arcade challenges, called Sealed Sector, will unlock as a quest after completing Punklorde Mentality.

How to complete a sealed sector

Honkai Star Rail graffiti next to the fire monster

Talk to Leonard just outside Herta’s office to start the Sealed Sector mission where you can enter the domain on four difficulties. The first three problems represent new types of graffiti and the fourth allows you to figure it all out for yourself. Here are all the graffiti you can find in the domains:

  • Silent words have a message icon and unlocks some doors in domains.
  • Calling card hacking is collectible graffiti that helps you during battles.
  • First degree graffiti lowers the difficulty of a specific boss in the area so you can defeat him easily.
  • Erotheme has a a question mark icon and teleports you to another area after scanning.

In each difficulty, you will have to find a certain number of graffiti without your characters falling in battle to get all the rewards.

Hidden Codes Arcade Challenge Guide

When you open the Hidden Codes Arcade Challenge screen, you will see a specific area highlighted in blue for each volume. This area will have some icons indicating the locations of the three graffiti you should find. Unlike Sealed Sector, you won’t enter a domain to find these items.

If you click the “Go” button on the bottom right of the screen while on the event screen, you will be teleported to the appropriate area. Here’s how you can find all the graffiti pieces:


A picture



Honkai Star Rail graffiti on the counter

In the middle of the marked area you will see the reception desk and the first graffiti will be behind the counter of this table. This is indicated by a smiley icon at the top of the event screen area.

Honkai Star Rail graffiti on the floor

In the lower right of the area on the map you will find Hacking Callcard graffiti on the brown floor.

Honkai Star Rail graffiti up the stairs

Go up the stairs and the level 999 graffiti will be on the lower left side of the map. You’ll see it on the wall in front of the nearby stairs.


Honkai Star Rail graffiti near Echo Of War

The second part will be around the location where you first boarded the Astral Express. You can teleport directly to Doomsday Beast Echo of War if you have it unlocked.

The graffiti will be on the ground right next to the domain.

Honkai Star Rail graffiti on the wall

After picking up the first graffiti, return to the Space Anchor and you will see another one on your left when going down a slope.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan with Level 999 Graphite

The final graphite of level 999 can be found next to the door that will lead you to the office in this area.


Honkai Star Rail graffiti in the Stellaron room

For the final volume, head to the lower floor of the storage area and teleport to the lower right Space Anchor. You will find Graphite on the ground next to Herta.

Honkai Star Rail graffiti

Head to the Curio room after picking up the first graffiti and you will find this on the left side. It’s hard to miss once you know the general location.

Honkai Star Rail graffiti next to the board

Go outside and go to the upper right part of this floor. As soon as you open the first door in this partyou will see a level 999 graffiti next to the panel to your right.

Access the Screening Arcade Challenge guide

Main Honkai Star Rail area map with photos of locations

You will need to find a total of nine items while trying to complete this challenge and here is the general location for all of them:



Space anchor

You can teleport to any of the space anchors in the area, but it is recommended to go to the lower one as you can get more pictures there.

Food ordering robot

You can find this robot right next to the lower space anchor. You will you have to climb some stairs and get close to it to take a picture.


Go to the right side of the map after taking a picture of the robot and you’ll see a slope leading to a small area below. Here you will find trash cans.

Square flower pot

From where you found the dumpster, go back up the stairs and you will find two of these plants nearby.

Internal procurement officer

Teleport back to the space anchor below and you’ll find the required officer near it. It will have a special shop icon on the map.

Satellite remote sensing device

To get this picture, you simply need to teleport to the top of the Space Anchor and enter the middle part. You will see a prompt when you get there.

A triangular table

For this picture, you can teleport to Herta’s office, head outside and follow the first path on your right. You’ll find it in the corner at the end of this path.

Advertisement for the space station

Return to the lower Space Anchor and you will look for an ad on your left right next to some stairs leading up. The ad may change, but you can still take a photo of the board.

Herta’s office

Once again, you can simply teleport to Herta’s office, head out and paint the door.

After completing the main story and all these challenges, you will be able to get the Cone of Light event until Superimposition Five.

You can also get many other rewards in the store.

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