The Best Weapons In System Shock Remake

From mutants and cyborgs to robots and hijacked machines, there are plenty of enemies to fight in the System Shock remake. With so many enemies and the situations they can cause, it’s important to choose the most appropriate weapon for each encounter. After all, futuristic problems require futuristic solutions.

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With such a large number of ballistic and energy weapons to choose from, it’s tempting to simply blast your enemies with whatever you have in hand, no matter the situation. To make them more effective and deadly, here are nine weapons that easily outshine your average lead pipe or wrench in System Shock.



9 SK-27 rifle

System Shock's SK-27 rifle.

Available for all your melee, enemy destruction needs are SK-27 rifle. Due to the lack of ammo, the SK-27 is best used strategically, such as against large groups of enemies so that all your bullets hit, or against large, thin enemies.

This gun can deal significant chunks of damage and works well with run-and-gun tactics such as darting in and out around corners to trade damage. If you run into tough or high threat enemies like gorilla tigers or higher level robots and cyborgs, the SK-27 has you covered.

8 TB-05 Sparqbeam

TB-05 Sparqbeam by System Shock.

Energy-based weapons are nice to have, as they can be recharged, either through batteries or charging stations, instead of physical ammo. The TB-05 Sparqbeam no exception, it fires energy charges that deal damage and consume energy proportional to the power setting you choose.

While the Sparqbeam won’t deal stunning damage compared to other weapons, it’s best seen as a utility or backup weapon. Don’t want to get close to explosive or flying enemies? Running out of ammo for your main weapon? Sparqbeam is here for you.

7 Magnum 2100

Magnum 2100 by System Shock.

Compared to the KE-41 minipistol, it is Magnum 2100 he’s on top, both in terms of looks and injuries. Despite being similar to the SK-27 in terms of its lack of ammo, this weapon balances this with a high damage rate and the ability to switch between hollowpoints and heavy slug rounds.

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While the Magnum 2100 performs well at all ranges, the main thing to remember is to use the right ammo for the right situation. Use hollow points for meatier, less armored enemies and heavy slug bullets for thinner, well-armored enemies.

6 Mag-pulse rifle JW-76

JW-76 Mag-Pulse Rifle by System Shock.

The Mag-pulse rifle JW-76 you can think of him as Sparqbeam’s older brother who you wouldn’t want to mess with. Efficient and powerful, the only thing holding this weapon back is its magnetic pulse cartridges, which are sometimes hard to find.

You’ll get ten shots per charge, which is a decent capacity. But where this weapon shines is against robotic enemies.

From JW-76 is electromagneticyou will effectively incapacitate and destroy any robot you come across, no matter how powerful or scary it is.

5 KF-18 Scorpion

KF-18 Skorpion by System Shock.

Diameter 9 mm KF-18 Scorpion is an outstanding, reliable weapon with a high rate of fire and plenty of ammo to choose from. It has better ammo capacity, damage and armor penetration compared to the Minipistol.

If you use standard 9mm rounds, you will only have 25% armor penetration. With Teflon-coated bullets, you will achieve 55% armor penetration. Regardless, this gun is basically a barrel, so the only thing standing in your way is a weapon first and poor trigger discipline.

4 Mark III Assault Rifle

Mark III Assault Rifle by System Shock.

Found towards the middle of the game, it is Mark III Assault Rifle is a fantastic burst kinetic weapon, ideal for use against well armored enemies. Since the minimum amount of armor penetration you’ll have is 60 percent, this weapon, while still very effective, is somewhat wasted against meatier enemies like flying or humanoid mutants.

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By using Penetrator Rounds, your armor penetration will reach an impressive 75 percent. If you really wanted to, given the reliability and damage of this weapon, you could continue the rest of the game with the Mark III once you find it.

3 EMP grenade

EMP grenade from System Shock.

It’s hard to beat the utility of a good old-fashioned EMP grenade when dealing with robotic enemies. Upon detonation, every robot in the blast radius will be disabled for several seconds, providing an opening for free damage without the threat of retaliation.

Grenades aren’t that hard to come by in System Shock, so as long as you’re not spamming them at every opportunity, you should always have at least a few EMP grenades on hand. One ammo-saving strategy you can use is to follow up the EMP grenade with a few melee hits.

2 LG-XX Plasma Rifle

LG-XX Plasma Rifle by System Shock.

Although you’ll have to jump through a few hoops and put some time into the game to get your hands on it LG-XX Plasma Rifle it’s incredibly worth it. While its default “Low” setting is great, you can also load plasma cores to access an alternative spawn mode.

To obliterate what’s in front of you, the LG-XX’s alternate firing mode fires a 300-damage plasma ball that will bounce a few times before dissipating, allowing it to hit multiple enemies with one shot. Just try not to get hit by your own plasma ball, that would be embarrassing.

1 Laser Rapier

Laser Rapier from System Shock.

About as close as you can get to a Star Wars Jedi Laser Rapier is a fantastic firearm. Due to its incredibly high armor penetration and low energy cost per swing, this weapon is effective against any enemy you encounter.

The only obvious downside to the Laser Rapier is the fact that it’s close range; you’ll have to get close and risk damage. Otherwise, this weapon gets the job done and is a melee weapon that you should use for the rest of the game once you get it.

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