eFootball 2023 introduces Co-op Beta Test with its latest version update

Together with update version 2.6.0 which was released on June 8th for mobile and consoles, was another interesting topic announcement Coop Beta Test for KONAMI’s eFootball 2023. While most people on mobile devices may not have heard of it or experienced it, the rest recognize the fun element of this feature and are eager to try it out. So, we’ll take a look at what Co-op mode actually is and how the schedule is planned.

Introduction to Co-op

Co-op is a popular feature in the PES series of titles where players will be able to play matches with multiple friends. Most often, 3v3 Co-op matches are common, but you can also cooperate with just two players.

Co-op from the PES series
Co-op from the PES series (image via KONAMI)

Cooperative gameplay allows players to compete against AI-controlled teams or other cooperative teams by teaming up with friends or other online players. Cooperative matches usually required individuals to command specific positions on the court and cooperate with each other.

Test schedule

According to KONAMI’s announcement, the test is scheduled to run from June 8, 2023, to June 22, 2023. However, this may be extended to a further unannounced date if the makers feel that further evaluation is necessary, as the main purpose of these tests is the online performance of the mode on various platforms.

How to play Co-op during the beta phase

Players can take the following steps to play Co-op matches.

  • When you log into the game: Dream Team>Match>Friend Match>Create Co-op Match Room.
  • The room code must be shared by two other friends to join the game.

Features and additional information

Co-op may not include additional special features at release. However, KONAMI has mentioned that if the layer(s) start a match with 2 users, it will result in a match against the AI ​​with both players playing on the same side, and in the event that all 3 users choose the same side, score in a match against AI.

Trials will only be against AI teams as this is just the testing phase. Note that only Friend Match mode will be available for this beta test.

What do you think of the eFootball 2023 Co-op beta test? Let us know in the comments below!

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