Marvel Snap releases Ghost Spider card in its latest Season Rewards

Marvel Snap came to the latest seasonwhich revolves around Spider-Man and his friends from all other universes. The season is based on the theme of the just released movie, Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse and so we will see characters from the movie itself in the game. So let’s move on to the new seasonal reward card, Ghost-Spiderand learn more about it in detail.

Ghost Spider can be a great card at the end of a Marvel Snap game

Gwen Stacy, AKA Ghost Spider, is the Spiderman of another alternate universe and is known for her unique abilities and powers of invisibility. He has a card 2 Costs and 3 Power. It is released as an in-game Season Pass reward and players who purchase the Premium Pass will get access to this skill card.

The card has a unique ability that says it moves the last card played by the player in the location where the Ghost Spider is. This means that if you played a very favorable card before this card, it will move to the location where the Ghost Spider is present. The ability shows great potential and can easily change the game at the end of moves and snatch victory from the opponent.

The card also shows great potential, ranking #107 in the game. It has a Win rate and Cube rate of 64.9% and 0.91% respectively. There are also variants of the look that are released in the game for this card. But the only drawback is that players must have this card from the Premium Pass rewards to receive them.

Marvel Snap Ghost Spider
Image via Nuverse

How to unlock Ghost Spider in Marvel Snap

Ghost Spider was released as a Premium Season Pass reward in Marvel Snap. So, when players purchase Premium Pass in-game using real-time transactions, players will get this card as it is the first reward they witness in this Premium Pass.

Ghost Spider is a great card to have in your decks. It has great potential to change the game in the end if the player plays his cards right. So that’s all from this month’s Premium Season Reward, jump into the game and get this card to make a premium deck and fire webs at your opponent to blind them and prevent them from witnessing your next move.

What do you think of the new card, Ghost Spider in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comments section below!

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