How To Complete The Bartering Quest In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Exchange is the next task in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla according to Sons of Ragnar. It picks up where the previous quest ends and tasks you with finding Tonna and her band of mercenaries to learn more about King Burgred.

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The exchange is quite long and can be difficult to complete if you are not completely familiar with stealth and combat. As a result, we’ve written this detailed trading guide as part of our full Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide to help you find Tonna, defeat Tonna, and find out where King Burgred is hiding.


Updated on June 8, 2023 by Sean Murray: There isn’t much change in the Bartering quest, but we’ve updated this guide anyway with better formatting for better readability.

How to start looking for an exchange

Exchange for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

After the conclusion of The Sons of Ragnar, take the main road from Tamworth. Call your horse or grab a horse at the stables by the river – no matter what you decide to do, you still need to go to the river to unlock a fast travel point for Tamworth, which will save you a lot of time later.

Once you unlock the Tamworth docks fast travel point, head towards the quest marker highlighting Tonna’s camp. It’s not far, but there are wolves on the way, so be careful with your horse’s stamina so you can burn it at a gallop or prepare to fight.

Once you reach your goal, speak to Sigurd — after a short scene, it will be decided that you and Sigurd will talk to Tonna while Ubba and Ivarr wait outside.

Approach Tonna and another scene will play. Your first choice is not that important, but the second one is: you can or pay Tonna 520 silver for information (or 260 if you have high enough charisma from flirting) or refuse to pay.

Choosing the latter option means you will have to infiltrate the camp.

How to get to Tonna’s camp

Exchange for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

You can to go in axes swinging as the viking says, or you can take the old school Assassin’s Creed approach.

For the first option, go into camp and turn hard right up the hill — you’ll see Tonna in front of her house with two guards. You can also sneak in this way if you feel like it — if you enter Tonna’s house from the left instead of going head-on, there’s a good chance you won’t be noticed.

The evidence you seek is in the basement. If you use Odin’s Gaze, you’ll see a wooden hatch on the floor that you can break open with an arrow and then drop into it by holding the crouch button while walking towards the wooden bow support bracket.

If you want to go full infiltration, you can – but we’ve just put together a detailed breakdown of how to clear Tonna’s camp without anyone seeing you, in the fastest way possible.

Go left of the outer fenceand you will see a gap that leads to the fortress. Crawl through and crouch in the long grass — you can safely climb the ladder on your left without alerting anyone.

Kill the guard at the top and climb back up. You’ll see the second guard at the bonfire on your right – he shot him in the head with an arrow. Hug the left wall through which you came to the house in the corner of the camp. Loot it, go through the second door on the right and hug the spiked fence towards the center of the camp.

You will alert two enemies, but not completely – hide in the small patch of grass right in front of you (inclined, obviously) and kill them one by one by luring them to you with whistles. I tried this twice and it worked perfectly both times.

You can from here crouch and walk straight through the middle of the camp. Immediately after going through the main archway, climb onto the small ledge to your left and go to the left of the two boar cages — there are no guards posted here, so you’ll be completely safe.

You can from here go right and go invisibly to Tonna’s houseor keep walking straight if you’re planning a full infiltration.

To easily complete the task, go to Tonna’s longhouse through the door opposite the boar cages. Shoot the crate on the floor and drop down to the basement below. The clue is the letter in the chest at the back of the room.

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How to complete the exchange

Assassin's Creed Valhalla game changer

You can climb back up to the first floor by jumping onto one of the beams wall cladding. Climb them to jump to the support beam you originally grabbed to drop down into the basement. Go back through the door you came through – going through the front door will alert Tonna.

Go back the way you came — around the boar cages and all — to prevent alerting enemies on the way out. After successfully escaping the camp, return to Sigurd and the Ragnarsson brothers.

You will see your horse along the way, so collect it and drive to the end if you want to speed things up. However, the journey is not long, so it is not absolutely necessary.

When you reach the search mark, speak to Sigurd. A scene will play where the two of you discuss your plans for what’s next with Ivarr and Ubba. According to the letter you found in Tonna’s cellar, there are two areas worth checking out: Templebrough Fort and Ledecestre.

For the former, you’ll go with Sigurd and Ubba, while the latter is assigned to Ivarr. You must complete both taskshowever, for the purposes of this guide, we’ll start with Ivarr’s.

After the scene plays, the Bartering quest will end. Open your quest log and set Rumors of Ledecestre as the active questwhich will cause a new quest marker to appear on your minimap.

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