Lies Of P Is Launching On September 19, Demo Available Today

Summer Game Fest is finally here, and with it comes a bunch of exciting announcements regarding some of the year’s hottest titles, as well as some big surprises. One such announcement was the release date for Bloodborne-esque soulslike title Lies of P, which will be released on September 19th later this year for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Not only that, Lies of P developer Neowiz Games also announced that the game will be getting a demo for you to try out and it’s actually available right this second. It’s also a pretty extensive demo, with several hours of content to give you a good sense of what the final game will be like when it launches. There are also some epic bosses to tackle, along with a handful of weapons to try out and a look at the weapon crafting system.


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For those of you who may not have heard of Lies of P until today, the game is inspired by the story of Pinocchio and takes place in the doll-filled town of Krat. You play as the titular P, who is on a mission to find Gepetto to become human. Being mental, you can expect some intense, fast-paced gameplay, some tough-as-nails bosses, and a lot of swearing as you lose your precious resources before you manage to reach the bonfire.

While it’s heavily inspired by Pinocchio, one look at the game’s trailer should tell you that Bloodborne has also clearly had some influence. In fact, game director Choi Ji-Won stated that he’s actually a huge fan of the title, and that all the comparisons to Bloodborne when it was first revealed made the team at Neowiz Games feel “very honored.” If they manage to recreate even half of a game like Bloodborne, then they should feel very proud of themselves.

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