FNAF: Security Breach – All Of The Endings, Ranked

The Five Nights At Freddy’s game series was revolutionary in the indie horror game industry, often pushing its own boundaries, whether through gameplay or intricate and complex lore. Most of the lore you can experience in the series comes from experiencing the different endings of the game.

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Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach offers players a total of six possible endings, almost double the number of other games (excluding Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator). These endings are ranked on a star system based on how difficult they are to reach, ranging from one to three stars.

Updated by Tallis Spalding on June 8, 2023: Even though Five Nights at Freddy’s wasn’t the most polished and polished game when it was released, the community still came together to find every ending the game had to offer through the bugs, glitches, and pointlessly frustrating “no save” mechanic . . With the film coming out in October 2023, it’s worth revisiting the ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s to reacquaint yourself with the lore lest William Afton beat us all.



6 Bad ending – one star

The bad ending, Five Nights at Freddys (FNAF) Security Breach (SB), shows gregory in a cardboard box with a blanket from a missing person's newspaper and Vanny walking up to him

To get the bad ending, which is the easiest to get, you simply have to survive until 06:00, then when Freddy asks “You want to stay?” choose to leave and a cutscene will begin. You’ll exit the Pizzaplex through the main door, but even though Gregory leaves in this ending, Glamrock Freddy must stay behind.

After leaving the Pizzaplex, an exhausted Gregory finds an alley where he goes to sleep in a cardboard box covered with newspaper. The newspaper shows the numbers of all the missing children, presumably those who died at the Pizzaplex. However, this moment of freedom is short-lived as the shadow of Vanny is then seen menacingly approaching Gregory, hinting at his death.

This is by far the worst ending in the game, as it’s the only one where Gregory doesn’t survive, and also because it’s the one you’ll get if you put the least amount of effort into discovering the dark secrets of the Pizzaplex.

5 Disassembled ending – two stars

Five Nights At Freddys (FNAF) Security Breach (SB) second ending featuring Glamrock Freddy's dying moments and comforting Gregory when he cries

To get the Disassembled ending, you must complete the Fazer Blast minigame and discover Vanny’s secret lair before 06:00. Once you’ve done that, continue through the rest of the game until the front door opens.

When Freddy asks you, “Do you want to stay?” you need to select ‘Vanny’ option. The ending scene begins and Gregory and Freddy will head to Vanny’s lair; however, Freddy will be dismantled by the STAFF robots under Vanny’s control. Gregory then heads to her control room and orders the robots to dismantle Vanny. Gregory then walks over to the dying Freddy, whose last words are, “Gregory, you’re my superstar.”

This ending is only slightly better than the Bad Ending because, although Gregory survives, Freddy and Vanny do not, and the Pizzaplex reopens the following season. Also, the Freddy and Vanny showdown can be incredibly awkward, especially considering the fact that Vanny isn’t one of the animatronics, but a person (Vanessa) in a suit.

4 Unmasked Ending – Two Stars

Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) Security Breach (SB) Third Ending Glamrock Freddy and Vanny fall from the roof of the pizzaplex

To get the Unmasked ending, you must choose to stay after 06:00 and then go to the reward counter where you should find the emergency exit and select the ‘Exit’ option through it. This will trigger a cutscene showing Freddy starting a fire in the Pizzaplex, followed by Gregory making his way onto the roof through the exit you found.

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On the roof, Vanny is waiting for Gregory and grabs him, but Freddy distracts her and throws her (along with himself) off the roof to save Gregory. Gregory falls to the ground and removes Vanny’s mask to reveal that she is actually Vanessa, a security guard, in a suit as the Pizzaplex burns.

The ending isn’t bad because Gregory survives and the Pizzaplex burns down, but the deaths of Freddy and Vanessa mean that everything else is somewhere in the middle.

3 Good ending – Two stars

Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) Security Breach (SB) Good ending, with the van driving off into the sunset

To get the good ending, you need to get a level 7 security clearance before 6:00 AM. When it’s 06:00, select ‘Stay’ when Freddy prompts you, then head to the loading docks together. With security clearance, go through the ‘Exit to Docks’ door and select the ‘Exit’ option on the exit beyond that.

A cutscene will begin showing Freddy and Gregory escaping together in a van. Freddy runs out of power, and Gregory is able to use the van’s battery to charge his own, and they drive off into the sunset together. This simple ending allows Gregory and Freddy to live; however, things remain unresolved with Vanny and Pizzaplex.

Although the game ends on a positive note, the mystery behind the disappearances remains unsolved, making this another relatively mediocre ending.

2 True ending – Two stars

Five Nights At Freddys (FNAF) Security Breach (SB) True Ending where Glamrock Freddy and Gregory sit on a hill watching the sunrise

You can reach the true ending by choosing to stay after 06:00 and then head to the old lift found in the back of Roxy’s Raceway. Take the old elevator to enter the old pizzeria and then go down through the ruins until you reach the bottom.

This will trigger a William Afton Springtrap Boss fight where you will have to close the door much like in the first Five Nights At Freddy’s games. After you beat the boss fight, a cutscene will show Freddy and Gregory escaping, sitting on a hillside together watching the sunrise.

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A great addition to the game is the ending that ties back to the previous games, and the added bonus of Freddy and Gregory escaping makes this one of the better endings to get. However, the uncertainty of Vanessa’s fate prevents her from being the best.

1 End of the Princess Quest – Three stars

Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) Security Breach (SB) Princess Quest Ending, shows gregory and Vanessa eating ice cream and sitting with Glamrock Freddy's head

The end of Princess Quest is achieved by completing all three Princess Quest arcade machine minigames. The first two can be defeated before 06:00; one can be found in the Glamrock Beauty Parlor and the other in the DJ Music Man arcade.

After completing these two, survive until 06:00 and then select the ‘Vanny’ option when Freddy prompts you. A cutscene will play showing the STAFF bots taking Freddy apart. After that, head to Vanny’s office and instead of pressing the button to tell the robots to dismantle Vanny, play and complete the final Princess Quest arcade game.

Once you do, a cutscene will appear showing how all the STAFF robots have been deactivated, as well as Vanny. Gregory escapes from the Pizzaplex with just Vanessa and Freddy’s head, and after the closing credits, we see them eating ice cream and watching the sunrise. This is by far the best possible and most rewarding ending to Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, even though it is the hardest to achieve.

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