The Best Weapons For Yae Miko In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Yae Miko makes history as the strongest Catalyst owner ever, defeating Klee’s max base attack of 311 with her max base attack of 340. Objectively speaking, this five-star Electro user has it all: simple triggered elemental reactions, consistent passive damage, and fast and a powerful burst of elements.

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Elemental Mastery, Critical Damage, Attack, and Energy Recharge are all powerful elemental weapons in the hands of Grand Narakumi Shrine’s Guuji. This makes Yae Miko a very customizable character and there is a wide range of options regarding her weapons. With the introduction of Dendra in patch 3.0, Yae Miko excels in Dendra response teams.

Updated by Jack Webb on June 6, 2023: This article has been updated to reflect the introduction of Sumeru and the new Dendro item added in patch 3.0, along with other weapon options for Yae Miko.



10 Exciting stories about dragon slayers

the catalyst of Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers in Genshin Impact

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers is a three-star weapon, suitable for players who are still in the early stages of the game, very accessible and easy to improve. Its base value is HP, which isn’t particularly useful to Yae Miko, but the effect that builds up by upgrading weapons can be extremely useful to the rest of her team.

At level five, every time a character switches to a field, they gain a 48% attack boost for ten seconds. This bonus can cause teammates to deal powerful blows. The main downside is that this effect can only trigger every 20 seconds.

9 The Hakushin Ring

Hakushin Genshin Impact Ring

After defeating the miasmic tumor boss, you get the blueprints for the Hakushin Ring. This makes this weapon very accessible and relatively easy to upgrade. Additionally, the energy recharge pod on this catalyst is a good choice for Yae Miko, who works best when she can fire her expensive elemental burst relatively often.

The enhancement effect for Hakushin exists specifically for Lisa and Yae, as it depends on the owner’s ability to deal electrical damage. Whenever you trigger an electro-based reaction, teammates with the element involved in that reaction take a six-second increase in elemental damage. For example, if Quicken is triggered, any Dendro character on the team, along with any Electro character on the team, can take advantage of this effect.

8 The sworn eye

Oathsworn Eye catalyst icon in Genshin Impact

This four-star weapon was introduced with the release of version 2.5 and made quite a splash – pun intended. Only available through the Three Realms Gateway Offering event, this catalyst works well with a range of characters including but not limited to Klee, Kokomi, Mona, and Yae.

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Since its base value is ATK%, Oathsworn Eye is a great fit for characters who fill a DPS or sub-DPS role. When the wielder casts their elemental burst, the weapon increases its energy recharge for ten seconds. This is especially useful for Yae Miko, whose elemental skill cooldown resets when she uses her elemental burst. This will increase the amount of time she can keep her Sakura Sesshou on the field.

7 Solar pearl

Solar Pearl catalyst icon in Genshin Impact

Unfortunately, this option is not available to F2P players as it is only available through the paid battle ticket system. However, this four-star weapon is still a great choice if you have it. After all, it has the ever-so-elusive pod crit rate, which means it can help any Catalyst user deal a lot of damage when paired with the right artifacts.

It is also important to note that the enhancement level effect increases the elemental skill and damage caused by elemental burst. Since Yae Miko is heavily reliant on the damage her talents deal, the Sun Pearl may just be the weapon that turns her into a force of mass destruction.

6 Sea map

Mappa Mare catalyst icon from Genshin Impact

Mappa Mare is a great F2P craftable catalyst. This weapon will be a decent choice for Yae Miko in a Dendra-focused team, and will benefit from elemental mastery pods to improve her reaction damage. Due to the craftable nature of this catalytic converter, you can get it fairly easily on the R5.

The weapon’s passive effect works well with Yae’s typical rotation. When you trigger an elemental reaction, Yae will receive an eight percent bonus to her elemental damage that lasts for ten seconds. This effect can stack twice. If you’re using Yae as an off-field support, use your normal attack to get some elemental reactions, then use her skill to finish off with a burst.

5 Widsith

Widsith catalyst icon in Genshin Impact

Widsith is generally considered the best 4 star weapon for Yae Miko. This is especially true of the fifth refinement class, when it is at its strongest. When a character wielding this weapon enters the field, one of three possible songs will play, accompanied by a unique musical note that appears above the owner’s head. Possible songs are Recitative: ATK increased by 120%, Aria: DMG of all elements increased by 96%, and Interlude: Elemental mastery increased by 480.

The effect lasts for ten seconds and can only be triggered every 30 seconds. The somewhat long cooldown and RNG-based gameplay is balanced by the massive stat boost this weapon grants. If that wasn’t enough, the CRIT damage base makes it an even stronger weapon choice. For Yae Miko, who can deal massive damage attacks while also triggering elemental reactions, Widsith can help her break through enemy lines effortlessly.

4 Atlas against the sky

Skyward Atlas catalyst icon in Genshin Impact

With attack as a base and an enhancement effect that increases elemental damage, this weapon already has some strong selling points. The real blessing that this catalyst offers, however, is what is described in-game as The Favor of the Clouds.

This effect gives normal attacks a 50% chance to trigger Favor, which summons orbs that actively seek out nearby opponents to deal damage. At an enhancement of one, this damage is equal to 160 percent of your attack stat; at sophistication level five, this percentage increases to 320. As any high-damage Catalyst user, Yae Miko can benefit immensely from this.

3 A Lost Prayer to the Holy Winds

Model of the Lost Prayer To The Sacred Winds catalyst and its description in Genshin Impact

Being one of the few catalysts in Genshin that has a crit rate base, this weapon is an excellent choice for Yae Miko. She has a staggering 608 base attack at level 90, which is pretty high for a catalyst when paired with Yae Miko’s already high base attack.

The passive effect will strengthen Yae’s attacks the longer she is in combat. The wielder of this weapon receives an eight percent bonus to their elemental damage every four seconds, which stacks four times for a total of 32 percent. These stats can be increased with further improvements, but the R1 is already powerful.

2 A thousand floating dreams

A thousand floating dreams accelerate with description in Genshin Impact

Catalyst of a Thousand Floating Dreams is Nahida’s signature weapon, but it’s an incredibly good catalyst for Yae Miko if you run her on a Dendeo team. You can further increase Yae Miko’s Dendro Reactions with Elemental Mastery, and since the Dendro and Electro-based reactions are so strong, this will be a prime candidate for Yae’s best weapon.

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The passive effect also provides various enhancements to your party, making it even more useful. If you have the same item types in your group, you will receive an item mastery bonus. Or the character equipping it will take extra damage for their elemental type. Both effects can be combined three times. More importantly, equipping this weapon will grant another level of elemental mastery to everyone on the team except the person wielding the weapon.

1 Kagura’s Verity

Icon for Kagura's Verity catlayst in Genshin Impact

This 5-star catalyst is an obvious choice for Yae Miko. As far as history is concerned, this is its official weapon. In addition to this fact, his damage increase on critical hits and his buff effect allow Yae and her teammates to completely melt enemies – especially when considering the increase in critical rate she gains by leveling up.

With Kagura’s Verity, using an elemental skill increases the damage of the elemental skill for 16 seconds, which stacks up to three times. Once this threshold is reached, all elemental damage is reduced. Since this kitsune is constantly draining his elemental skill and triggering elemental reactions, he can easily make the most of this weapon’s advantages. The result is huge waves of elemental damage and ridiculously easy fights.

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