How To Beat The Daughters Of Lerion In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Among all Assassin’s Creed ValhallaThere are several hidden bosses in the content that the player can defeat on their own for some great rewards. Some of these bosses are the three sisters, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia – known as the daughters of Lerion. The Daughters of Lerion were, as their title suggests, the daughters of a powerful English nobleman of the same name who dabbled in both dark magic and the occult.

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Although Lerion himself was murdered, his two daughters survived and wandered around East Anglia. These are the three hardest fights in the game, but winning them is also a necessary step in obtaining Thor’s armor set and Mjolnir hammer. This guide will show you where to find them and how to best use each one.


Updated on June 8, 2023 by Sean Murray: The Daughters of Lerion are tough, and with this updated guide and his breakout tips, you’ll have everything you need to defeat these three sisters.


Assassin's Creed Valhalla Eivor Preparation

The Daughters of Lerion are three former noblewomen who, along with their father Lerion, delved into the dark arts. Lerion was eventually murdered by other English nobles and his daughters lost their status – now wandering the land to carry on their father’s legacy. The Daughters of Lerion are dangerous people and must be removed to ensure the safety of not only Clan Eivor, but the people of England as well.

Before engaging in any of the fights, it’s best if gain the Brush with Death skill if you haven’t already. This causes time to slow down when you perform a full dodge, allowing you to land some quick hits – something you’ll need as the sisters hit hard and fast.

Here’s something other recommended skills:

  • Valkyrie dive she’s also good because she can track their teleports. Yes, they can and will do that, but this ability also allows you to pin them down for a while.
  • Grit is another skill that is a must because when your health gets low, a successful melee hit will restore the red portion of your health.
  • Man’s best friend is an ability that gives you a companion to distract the enemy while you attack unopposed for a few minutes. These are precious moments that you will need to take advantage of in every fight with the Daughters of Lerion.
  • Harpoon charging can stun an enemy and bring him to himself. An extremely important ability as the Daughters of Lerione are some of the fastest enemies in the game and need to be slowed down to get some hits.

You should try it too upgrade your meals and come with a lot to say hello. There are also health items that you can pick up to refill both health and rations. also make sure your weapons and armor are upgraded as possible to ensure they are most effective.


Goneril's map location in northwest Grantebridgescire

The first sister you’re likely to find (and the one with the lowest energy consumption) is Goneril. You can find it in north-east part of Grantebridgescira in the area named Spalda Fens. It is in the swampy part of the region and is an area in the form of an arena. Deal with the dead body under the large tree to start the fight.

A power level of 90 is recommended take Goneril.


Goneril enters

She fight with poison and is immune to poison attacks in return. Use fire based skills that his health is gradually deteriorating. Goneril can also summon her ghost-like clone to attack you and can damage you, so watch out.

She also tends to use jump and spin attacks with her daggers. Dodge these attacks, as they cannot be blockedthen deflects her next attack to stun her.

You should fight a building that has shield for easy parrying and longer ranged weapons to ensure maximum attack range. Don’t use ranged attacks as she moves fast and her weak spot is on her back which is hard to hit because she is constantly in front of you.

When she health reaches halfwill begin to roll out poisonous clouds, more teleporting often, and she will summons the aforementioned ghost clone. Be patient and strike when the opportunity presents itself to defeat Goneril.

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Regan's location on the map near the north coast of East Anglia

Regan, another daughter of Lerion, can be found near the north coast of East Anglia and east of the town of Elmenham in the place named Walsham Crag. You will know the city when you arrive cave that just screams “bad things happened here.” Again, interacting with a dead body under some rocks to start a fight.

This time it is The required power level is 160.


Regan prepares for a showdown with Eivor

Regan’s struggle is very similar to Goneril’s, but different in some ways. She uses fire attacks and is resistant to fire damage therefore use poison instead of. He has several unblockable attacks at his disposal, so avoid whenever possible. She will also summon a shadow that allows her to chain attacks.

The most important thing to worry about is this can deflect your attacks. Land too many hits and she’ll parry you to deal some serious damage, so try to only land a few hard hits at a time.

Here is The Valkyrie Dive ability comes in handy as he can’t block or parry it. Harpoon charging works for that too.

It is once at half healthwill be even more furious with her attacks now setting parts of the earth on fire. Again, patience is the best virtue here, so time to take everything properly second daughter.


Cordelia's map location in South West East Anglia

Cordelia is the third and last daughter of Lerion and is the heaviest of the three. It can also be found in East Anglia but this time in Berkeley God. You can find it in the southwest corner of the region west of E in “East Anglia” on the map.

The restaurant is located in some kind of ruins in a circular arena-like place. Team up with the last poor and unfortunate undead to start the battle.

It has massive 340 power required.


Cordelia, blades drawn, prepares to destroy Eivor

Cordelia has both her own attacks and those of the previous two Daughters of Lerion, as well ability to parry attacks. Works with lightning and can summon phantomswhich are the biggest concern here.

He quickly summons themand even the slightest delay in reaction time means you won’t dodge all three he sends your way – you will suffer great damage as a result.

Use the ability to stop Cordelia in his tracks before he can even launch his attack as he teleports away. Good ability to use it Harpoon charging as it not only stuns her, but also brings her to you to do damage.

She once health is 50 percent, she will start lightning summon to hit you where you stand. Only run and scare from marked places and rushes at her with astonishing ability. Be patient one last time to finally defeat Cordelia and rid the world of the Daughters of Lerion.

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