Aether Gazer brings new modifiers, a main story, and exciting rewards in its v1.05 Red & Green update

First major anime themed update taking action RPG Ether Gazer since his debut, v1.05 Red and Green, is now available and offers players a range of exciting new features. This update reveals the hidden secret of Osiris and introduces a limited-time event full of obstacles, a new S-level modifier and other attractive additions such as a new outfit. Entry to the event is possible until June 27 at 15:00 (UTC-7).

The primary plot of the v1.05 update reveals the origin of Osiris. Osiris was involved in a conflict with Ausar, her other personality, whose identity as friend or foe and motivation for manifesting is still unknown. Everyone at Aether Gazer is doing everything they can to help Lil’ Osa now that her secret has been revealed.

Aether Gazer v1.05 Red & Green Update Brings New Mods and Limited Time Reward Events

In addition to the fairy tale, participants have access to a unique, limited-time event. Players can participate in the event from now until June 27th at 15:00 (UTC-7) to obtain Imago Fragments, which give them the chance to obtain Intel of Archaic Oath – Verthandi, Shifted Stars, Sigil Module T3 and other various gifts. In addition, players can earn additional Shifted Stars and a limited Two Souls Tied sticker by completing different challenges at once.

S Level Modifier: Living Soul – Osiris

Another personality that exists in the body of Osiris is called the Living Soul-Osiris. Living Soul – Osiris, a melee modifier from Gen-zone: Nile, can use Traces on opponents to deal massive wind damage to them. It can be obtained by players using Precise Scan: The Living Soul of Despair.

A-Class Modifier: Archaic Oath – Verthandi

With sword and shield as weapons, Archaic Oath acts as a Thunder Melee Modifier, unlike New Pact – Verthandi. Her Ultimate Skill significantly increases the team’s ability to quickly build Ultimate Skill Charge while dealing heavy Thunder damage to enemies.

The v1.05 Red & Green update also brings a new Ultimate Skillchain and outfits

One of the key gameplay elements in “Aether Gazer” is the Ultimate Skillchain. Three new Ultimate Skillchains are included in this version:

  • Scythe Cyclone (Living Soul – Osiris x Gusty Lance – Shu)
  • Oath in Thunder (Shinri – Tsukuyomi x Archaic Oath – Verthandi)
  • Twin-Linked Flowers (Innocence – Osiris x Living Soul – Osiris)

The “Lit by Glaciers” outfit for Arctic Abyss – Poseidon and the “Feathered Illusion” outfit for Living Soul – Osiris are just two of the exciting new items that v1.05 will bring to the in-game store. In addition, there are several exclusive Ausar packs available for players to take advantage of to quickly upgrade their Ausar.

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