Demon Hunt Knights, a roguelike shooter title by Loongcheer Game begins open beta testing on Android

Longcheer game‘s Knights of the Demon Hunt is a pixel-art, roguelike shooting a mobile game with a fascinating history that has started its open beta test. By eliminating the demon and keeping the peace on the continent, players will take on the role of a demon hunter. Android users can download the game from the Play Store for early access now that the open beta test has started.

Board a time ship and travel across a broken continent in Demon Hunt Knights

There was a peaceful continent where different species coexisted peacefully in the distant universe. However, seven demons came, corrupted its population and took over, causing a terrible war to break out between the seven kingdoms.

Top hunters battled demons. But the demon’s constant attacks caused them to eventually lose ground and each kingdom collapsed one by one. The Demon Hunt will now travel across the Shattered Continent aboard a Time Ship to defeat demons and counterattack!

Demon Hunt Knights Open Beta
Image via Loongcheer

The game brings random new maps and a super rich farming system

Many dungeon maps have been created, such as grass map, undersea kingdom, bloodline castle, etc. Each time you go on an adventure, you will encounter new areas and dungeons that have been randomly generated. You can encounter various portals, levels that require crystal activation to progress, battle arenas, and more. In addition to conquering demons, other challenges offer different gameplay experiences such as puzzle-solving levels, PvP arenas, special missions, and levels that trigger certain NPCs or events.

There are two different types of cultivation. When in adventure mode, you will receive drops, equipment chests and partners to increase your power. Countless strange and unique weapons will also appear randomly. When you’re not in adventure mode, there are various card systems for free combos, and talent upgrades improve core qualities while gradually unlocking powerful skill trees. hundreds of cards in 11 different genres. When different cards are combined, the battle will get an extra benefit.

Players can visit the Play Store on Android devices for early access to learn more about “Demon Hunt Knights”. Dear demon hunters, be ready and defend your country!

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