Play Together brings Gigantic Fish and Sea Pets with its sea-themed content update

More marine themed content including Huge fish and marine animalshas been added to the mobile phone casual social network game Play together mobile game developer HAEGIN.

Play Together brings Gigantic Fish and Sea Pets with the latest update

Furthermore “Resort” area and boat fishing content that was available last month, “Play Together” decided to add the new Gigantic Fish to provide even more fishing content. There are now a total of 12 new species that are larger than the original fish in the game, including Megalodons, A hunchback whalesand Bowhead whales.

By fishing from a boat and traveling to the sea, players can catch these new species. They can also experiment with new fishing equipment such as lures that make it easier to catch giant fish. Players must practice a new fishing technique to get Gigantic Fish, which must be reeled in at the right moment to prepare for a big catch.

Sell ​​or display new Gigantic Fish in huge aquariums

By talking to a mysterious NPC known only as “???” at the resort, players can learn more information about catching giant fish. FiskerNPC, sells new fishing rods designed to catch Gigantic Fish, and Kaia’s workshop makes them.

Once a huge fish is caught, players can sell it or display it in a large aquarium. The aquarium of the recently added aquarium, which can be built and customized using in-game resources, can also display rare varieties of Gigantic Fish. Players must be careful when deciding which fish to put on display in the aquarium, as once there they cannot be removed.

Play Gigantic Fish and Sea Pets together
Image via HAEGIN

Along with the upgrade, Play Together will welcome brand new, adorable Sea Pets, including the game Sea Star, Jellyfish, whales, Narwhalsand Greenland seals. While these events continue until the 21st, “Play Together” celebrates the latest additions to the game with others such as “Shadow in the Abyss!” eventwhich involves collecting Giant Fish.

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