Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Be The First PS5 Game To Launch On Two Disks

A new gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has confirmed that the game will launch in early 2024 and will be the first PS5 game to require two discs.

As we all suspected from Square Enix’s not-so-subtle teases on Twitter, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth made an appearance at tonight’s Summer Game Fest and closed out the event with a new gameplay trailer. We’ve seen plenty of new gameplay footage confirming an open world, Order XIII as a playable party member, and more, but the biggest news was that the game will require two discs.

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When the trailer closed, the message “Early 2024, on 2 disks” appeared, making Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth the first PS5 game with this requirement. This seems to indicate that the game will be significantly larger than anything we’ve seen on the console so far, which is remarkable given how relatively early we are in the console’s lifecycle. Even Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t need that much!


In addition to the two-disc reveal, the gameplay reveal also revealed that Rebirth will feature a massive open world to explore, with chocobos to be used as a way to make the party go faster. We also saw that Order XIII will be playable this time around, as he was only a guest member of the party in the Remake. Yuffie also makes a brief appearance during one of the trailer cutscenes, indicating that she will be featured in the party as well, which makes sense considering she was playable in the Intergrade DLC.

While it was great to see Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth after nearly a year of silence from Square Enix, we can’t pretend it was a huge surprise. Last week, the official Final Fantasy Twitter account confirmed that the game’s development is going smoothly and that the release date is still being determined. The next update, released a day later, essentially confirmed that the game will include an overworld, something fans have been wondering about since the first release of the Remake.

The rest of the updates since then haven’t given us much other than confirming that the new party members will be, but the one posted today said we should expect more information “soon”. Considering this was the seventh update and happened to land on the day of Summer Game Fest, it seemed like a big hint that we could expect Rebirth to make an appearance at the event, which thankfully it did.

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