Sonic Superstars Is A New 2D Title, Launches Fall 2023

Sonic the Hedgehog may be quite focused on the third dimension these days, but that doesn’t mean Sega has abandoned its roots. Announced during the Summer Game Fest, a new 2D classic Sonic game called Sonic Superstars was announced, along with other playable characters such as Knuckles, Tails, and Amy. Unfortunately, we haven’t been given an exact release date, but it’s expected to launch at some point in the fall later this year.

During Summer Game Fest, we got a nice long trailer showing off some of the game’s mechanics and boss fights. We’ve seen a bunch of environments from the original games, all given a fresh coat of paint, as well as what looks to be some new ones for old-school Sonic fans to look forward to. To make things even better, it was also revealed that Sonic Superstars will feature co-op, allowing four players to take on the same level at the same time.


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As for the other little highlights, it looks like Sonic Superstars will try to shake up the standard 2D Sonic formula in some way, as we see the cast of four transform into a beautifully picturesque octopus. We also see Sonic getting a new power up and running down some waterfalls, as well as an interesting 3D section where he swings from rings to get closer to the finish line. There are also some very short boss fights to watch, one of which is against one of Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic Superstars wasn’t the only big surprise during this year’s Summer Game Fest, as we got a bunch of exciting announcements from franchises old and new. We’ll stick with Sega for now, as Like A Dragon: Gaiden has been given a release date after information surfaced online ahead of the show. The date was revealed in a rather lengthy gameplay trailer, which showed Kiryu destroying grunts with a fancy new gizmo that he presumably picked up sometime after Yakuza 6.

We also saw the return of the Prince of Persia series as Rayman Legends developer Ubisoft Montpellier announced Prince of Persia; The lost crown. Like the developer’s previous work, this Prince of Persia title will be in 2D and has dramatically reimagined the prince for his next adventure. Other big reveals included the first beautifully gory gameplay footage of the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 1 and confirmation that Venom won’t be Eddie Brock or Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. No prizes for guessing who he is now.

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