Three Minutes To Eight, a new side-scrolling adventure, is announced for Android and iOS

Build the Party and Studio Chaosmongerdevelopers for Encodya, have released their latest pixel image an adventure called the game Three minutes to eight. This attractive game which was recently launched on Guerrilla Collective eventis slated to release on various platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

In Three Minutes to Eight, players will set out to find ways to outwit death or face the consequences. The game features short sections of multi-outcome gameplay and enigmatic puzzles to solve, along with a diverse cast of non-playable characters.

Discover hidden paths and discover secrets in three minutes to eight

Set in the near future, Three Minutes To Eight is a stunning pixel adventure game that breaks the mold by introducing an interesting twist: the protagonist is destined to meet his death at precisely 7:57 PM. However, hope is not lost. It’s up to you to uncover what lies beneath, discover secret passages, find ways to cheat death, and unlock multiple endings.

Each course is different, with random elements and unique events that invite you to revisit the game multiple times and discover all its hidden secrets. Immerse yourself in an ever-evolving gaming experience that mimics a liminal state of mind teetering on the edge of consciousness, where everything is possible but remains out of reach.

Key features Three minutes to eight

  • A stunning narrative with unexpected twists where you must discover ways to cheat death…or die trying
  • Unique, short-lived gameplay allows for endless replayability, with multiple different endings to unlock and hidden secrets in each playthrough
  • Highly stylized pixel graphics and a cyberpunk aesthetic support the game’s themes of dealing with a state of mind teetering on the edge of consciousness
  • Interesting dialogue with a list of interesting NPCs deepens the game’s engrossing narrative

Assemble Entertainment’s Three Minutes To Eight will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, consoles, and mobile devices in Q4 2023.

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