The Best Swords For Kirara In Genshin Impact

There are five types of weapons in Genshin Impact, and each character can only wield one of those types. Although some characters may have a unique weapon when they trigger the ability. Each weapon has a unique secondary stat and passive, leaving you with a ton of choices.

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Kirara is a four-star Dendro character who hails from Inazuma and uses a sword as a weapon. She’s pretty flexible when it comes to playstyles, even though she’s a HP-scaling shield. Here are all the best swords to use on her depending on your preferred style.



8 Dark Iron Sword – Three Stars

Genshin Impact Dark Iron Sword Weapon with Description

The Dark Iron Sword is the only three-star weapon that you cannot refine, as you can only obtain one copy of it by talking to the NPC in Liyue City. This is the only good 3 star weapon for Kirara and has 141 elemental mastery as a secondary stat after you level up completely. You can also get up to 401 base ATK.

Whenever you trigger Quicken, Aggravate, or Hyperbloom reactions, this weapon increases your ATK by 20 percent. Kirara excels at applying Dendra to surrounding enemies, making her a perfect fit for a reaction-based team. You can use this weapon on her in these teams to increase your reaction damage.

7 Sapwood blade – four stars

Sapwood Blade and description in Genshin Impact

The best part about the Sapwood Blade is that it is a four-star craftable that can be obtained after progressing through the Aranar world quests for a while. Weapons can be crafted with one sword prototype and a few other items, making it very easy to get a weapon in Refinement Five if you want.

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Gives you 30.6% energy recharge and creates a special sheet on the battlefield when you trigger a Dender-based reaction. This sheet gives Kirara 120 Elemental Mastery when picked up. Sapwood Blade is great if you plan to use Kirara as Spread DPS with her Elemental Burst.

6 Sacrificial Sword – Four stars

Genshin Impact Sacrificial Sword with description

When you use Kirara’s Elemental Burst, she deals considerable AoE Dendro DMG. The multipliers for this damage are some of the highest, although they are countered by the character’s low base ATK. During the burst, it also fires some cinnamons that deal even more AoE damage.

This makes her successful as a Burst DPS as she only has a 60 energy cost. With the Sacrificial Sword, you will be able to recover your energy very quickly, allowing you to perform at 100% in Burst. Your HP can also increase the damage of your skill and burst after unlocking one of the passives.

5 Sword of Favoni – four stars

Genshin Impact Favonius Sword with description

If you want to use Kirara as a support character while sometimes getting value from her Flare, Favonius Sword is the perfect choice for you. It gives you a whopping 61.3% energy recharge, and also gives you some elemental particles on a critical hit that energizes the entire team.

Though you’ll need a decent crit rate to use this weapon, which isn’t the best stat to support Kirara. Even after this drawback, the Favonius Sword is the best four-star weapon for Support Kirara due to the lack of HP-based swords.

4 Summit Shaper – five stars

Summit Shaper genshin influence

Now we’re heading into five star territory and you’ll be amazed at the sheer number of choices Kirara has. Summit Shaper gives you an ATK boost as a secondary stat, but the passive is what makes this weapon on this list. Increases her shield strength by 20 percent at sophistication one.

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Your ATK is increased by an additional four percent each time you hit an opponent, and this can add up to five times. This effect is also doubled if you are protected by a shield, which it usually will be while using Kirara. This weapon is great for a hybrid build on it.

3 Primordial Jade Cutter – Five Stars

Genshin Impact Primordial Jade Cutter Weapons and Stats

The Primordial Jade Cutter is widely known as one of the best swords in the game due to its versatility. The weapon gives you a whopping 44.1% crit rate simply by picking it up. Additionally, you get a free 20 percent HP just by equipping this weapon on Kirara, which is her most important stat.

Finally, you also get an ATK bonus based on your max. HP. It can be very difficult to build Kirara as DPS while making her shield thin, but this weapon makes it much easier. The free ATK, HP, and Crit Rate allow you to build her artifacts much faster as well.

2 Sworn to Freedom – five stars

Free Sworn Sword and description on Genshin Impact

With Freedom-Sworn, you can build Kirara to get some value from her elemental reactions while buffing other party members. The weapon provides a whopping 608 ATK and 198 Elemental Mastery at max level, and also passively gives you a 10% DMG boost at Refinement One.

Additionally, you gain Sigil of Rebellion every 0.5 seconds if you trigger an elemental reaction that coincides with the interval in which you can deal Dendro DMG to a specific enemy with her skill. When you get two sets, you increase the normal, charged and falling ATK DMG of your party members.

1 Key Of Khaj-Nisut – five stars

Genshin Impact Nilou holds the Khaj-Nisuta key with its description

Lastly, the only sword with HP as the main stat is probably the best sword for Kirara. The Key of Khaj-Nisut was released alongside Nilou and gives you up to 66.2 percent HP on top of 20 percent from the passive. You also get a special effect when your elemental skill hits an opponent, which lasts for 20 seconds.

This effect increases Kirara’s Elemental Mastery based on her maximum HP and has up to three stacks. Whenever he has three sets, all party members will also gain some mastery. All of this makes the weapon perfect for using Kirara as a shield and reaction trigger at the same time.

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