Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Map Revealed

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Epic Games has revealed all the changes coming to the Island in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3, and it looks like things will be especially different in the middle of the collapsed map.

Today marks the release of Fortnite’s final season, The Wilds, which as rumored has a tropical jungle theme and features Optimus Prime as the update’s big crossover. As always, this season changes the map quite a bit with the addition of some new attractions and some big changes to the overall map layout. It’s not quite as big as it was at the beginning of the new chapter, but it’s still pretty significant.

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This season’s new map was first revealed by reliable Fortnite insider HYPEX, who shared a full look at everything that changed this season. Right off the bat, the biggest thing that changed is that the entire middle of the map collapsed to reveal a new jungle setting underneath. This also seems to have happened to the northern part of the map, where some snow has been removed, presumably to make room for some heat.

While the new jungle area appears to be the biggest map change this season, Epic has made it clear that the changes aren’t just for show. The Fortnite website notes that you can now fight in the canopy and slide through mud on the jungle floor to gain camouflage, and use velociraptors to move faster.

In fact, overall, this season’s map seems to be pretty similar to what we had last season, just with the addition of a jungle instead of a large cityscape. The only major loss we’ve seen this season is Anvil Square collapsing underground to make way for a new jungle area. For those who don’t remember the Fallen, Anvil Square was an ancient area that was introduced along with Geralt in Chapter 3, Season 2. Like Shockwave Hammer, may he rest in peace.

As you can imagine, most of the new points of interest you can find this season are in the jungle area. We will update this section later with the names, however, Fortnite expert iFireMonkey shared images of all the new onesbut they show waterfalls, temples and a huge tree.

Interestingly, despite being a major new addition in the last season of the game, Mega City still seems to be sticking around in this season as well. In fact, one of its core features, the grind rail, has even made its way to new parts of the map with a wooden vine retheme. Looks like Mega City is here to stay for a while.

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