Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Adds Camouflage, Canopies, And A Thermal DMR

Epic Games has revealed all the new gameplay features coming to Fortnite’s latest season, The Wilds, including thermal DMR, jungle camouflage and canopy combat.

Along with revealing how the map has changed as part of Chapter 3, Season 4, Epic has released a gameplay trailer for The Wilds that details the new gameplay mechanics and features that Fortnite players will learn over the next few months, including with camouflage, canopies, new weapons and riding velociraptors.

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The gameplay trailer begins by showing multiplayer jumping into a new jungle area found in the middle of the map. One of the great novelties of this area is the ability to camouflage yourself by slipping into mud that slowly covers your body. According to Fortnite’s website, mud sliding will make you faster than normal sliding, as well as add stealth to your character.


The jungle also has a certain degree of verticality, which can be seen in the new wooden vines. These wooden vines are similar to the grind rails found in Mega City, except now they twist and turn a lot more. They also seem to lead to canopies, which are another big feature this season. In the trailer, we can see that players can stand on top of trees while fighting, which should make for some intense fights.

We also got a look at one of the new weapons of the season – the kinetic boomerang. The Fortnite website reveals that the Kinetic Boomerang will not only hit anything in front of it, but it can also hit things on its way back. Players can even summon a boomerang if they miss, which also causes a small explosion. There’s also the Flapjack Rifle, a new LMG that features a rotating magazine, and the Thermal DMR, which is sure to be a fan favorite given how reliable the regular version of the weapon is.

Fortnite The Wilds Battle Pass Characters.

Of course, we must not forget one of the biggest surprises of this season – Optimus Prime. Not only is Prime featured on The Wild’s Battle Pass, but he also brings a piece of Cybertron with him. The Cybertron Cannon is a new weapon you can find this season that fires a fast explosive shot.

The last big new gameplay addition of the season is the riding velociraptors, which work much like other mounts in the game, except they have the unique ability to jump high into the air. A previous leak suggested that they will wear out, so it looks like you won’t be able to use them for as long as you’d like.

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