Summerhill is a puzzle adventure title announced by Land & Sea, the indie studio behind Alto’s Odyssey

Within Devs Launch Dayindependent studio Land and sea—the BAFTA Award Nominated the development team behind the highly acclaimed Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey— have just announced their long-awaited novelty an adventurepuzzle the game Summerhill.

The website and Steam page were also unveiled in conjunction with the announcement, which also featured a teaser trailer. Although the team is actively working on the game, they have not given an official release date yet.

Summerhill brings gentle problem-solving, fluid pastoral-based gameplay, and stunning pastoral landscapes

You play as a young shepherd and their dog in the puzzle adventure game Summerhill. Together, explore the mysterious, long-forgotten world that lies beyond the borders of your country to save your sheep. To deliver a timeless coming-of-age folk tale, Summerhill combines laid-back problem-solving, fluid herd-based action, and beautiful pastoral scenery.

Summerhill, a brand new intellectual property, aims to advance the topics most important to our studio. There are not many people or places that have not been at least slightly affected by pastoralism; this rich history and cultural significance greatly inspired our team. We wanted to honor this ancient custom and tell a story that could only be told this way, because sheep farming is in many ways in our DNA. We are happy to announce that Todd Baker, a long-time colleague and composer (Monument Valley 2, Alto’s Odyssey) will also be involved in the project.

Harry Nesbitt, Founder and Creative Director, Land & Sea

Key features of Summerhill

  • Play as a young shepherd who ventures into the unknown to find his missing flock with his dog.
  • You have to herd, separate and corral your sheep using antiquated devices to discover secret passages and continue your adventure.
  • Create a bond with your dog and work together to solve increasingly challenging puzzles.
  • Explore the historic pastoral setting and uncover the secrets of its long-forgotten history.
  • Experience a timeless wordless story with themes of morality, obligation and companionship.

Summerhill is currently under active development and the development team has not yet revealed an official release date for the game.

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